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Save Skin Cap

All the information regarding the SKIN CAP controversy

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From Brigitte Ball:

I'm in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and we have only had  Skin-Cap available to us for the past 4 months.  I have heard that it is supposed to contain the highest level (7) of  steroids in it, but the manufacturer in Spain denies that there is anything  other than Zinc in the product.  The lastest rumour around our city is that  it's the Dermatologists that are beind the removal/recall of the product.  Supposidly, the skin doctors in Canada got together (and perhaps that  includes the U.S. doctors) and formed a large & powerful lobby group that  convenced Health Canada (and the FDA) to pull the product (which was  recalled 2 days after the U.S. recall). In any case, this conglomeration of  dermatologists apparently see Skin-Cap as a threat to both THEIR income and  the income of the pharmiceutical companies, and proceeded to approach the  Spanish manufacturer and tryed to buy it out. When that failed, they are  said to have offered the maker a blank cheque. In other words, name your  price - we'll give you as much money as you want. The update to this story  is that the Canadian Distributor (who now has approx. 60,000 cans in his  warehouse) has contacted the manufacturer in Madrid, and the the Madrid  owners will be coming to Canada within a few weeks from now to join with  our Distributor and hiring some first rate lawyers to fight the Case  against the Health Canada recall in a court of law. Now...I would imagine  that if Madrid comes to the Great White North to fight a legal battle, it  would stand to reason that they'd also be doing the same with lawyers and  the FDA. Hopefully we'll find out fairly soon what the outcome will be.  As for the Mexican theory, no that won't happen, because the product is an  aerisol can, and items such as these cannot be brought into a country via  air or through the mails. If border purchase was possible, it would have to  be via road traffic.     I have just started a local Windsor Chapter of the "Psoriasis Society of   Canada" which has it's head office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So far I've  received a pile of literature and am organizing a "Walk for Psoriasis"  which is to take place on Sunday, October 5th, in order to raise research  monies for our ailment.  I've been told the the U.S. also has a Psoriasis  Society, with chapters all over the states. If anyone knows the address  (E-mail or snail mail) please pass it on, cause I'd like to join their  group. Haven't done it yet, but I intend to do up a WEB PAGE that will  cover the psoriasis subject. 

From anonymous:

At one time P covered 70% of my body. Torso, legs, and arms. PUVA was  effective but treatments were expensive and inconvenient. Skin Cap has  allowed my P to clear almost 100%.  Distubing to think that "Big  Brother" will remove the one treatment of  psoriasis in my lifetime that  has a dramatic effect on a malady that is akin to leprecy. 

I have just e-mailed National Psoriasis Foundation, to withdraw my  financial support (albeit meager) because they've sided with Glaxo.  If  they had our well-being in mind they would have encouraged Glaxo to come  up with the same formula as Cheminova.  Bottom line -- Skin Cap works  for me like nothing else ever has, but NPF is fighting it.  Whose bed  are they in?   


I have been using SC for 6 months with no side effects. I have used Dovonex,  Temovate, Kenalog, and probably everything available OTC. Nothing, Nothing  has ever completely cleared me like SC.  I only need to use it sparingly now  whenever I see a small, small spot appearing. Otherwise I stay clear and  happy. 

From anonymous:

I'm a health professional with a DEA liscense to prescribe drugs. I've  monitored my blood levels and they're absoutely normal! I've had P for  over twenty years and tried just about EVERYTHING. None of it worked for  any length of time. Finally, Skin Cap came along and I've been  completely free and clear for over a year. I've got a social life again  and my practice is booming.  If I don't keep this P under control my  practice will probably DIE and I'll go Bankrupt!  So you can see, this  is no light matter. 

How can I get the stuff? Can I go to Mexico and just drive back across  the border with the stuff? Where does one go in Mexico and how does one  go about it? How much does it cost there? 

BTW has anyone used HydraSkin with good results? 

I'm calling the FDA in the morning to see what I can find out.   

From Bob L.:

I had a minor case of psoriasis (elbow, small spots on legs) and I had  been going forPUVA for 5 years.  We stopped the PUVA because of the cancer  risks and also because I was developing some psoriasis on my elbow and small  spots on the legs despite the PUVA.  PUVA was also a major hassle because of  the nauseating PUVA drugs I had to ingest and also because you must  shield your eyes from sunlight for 18 hours after you take those drugs. 

I have been using Skin-cap for the past  year.  It cures it all.  When   it is not used, the P comes back over time.  So I have been using it  sparingly, about 3 weeks per can. 

I'm glad I have about 6 cans left and will use them very sparingly. 

I'm thinking this whole FDA mess may have good consequence -  eventually:  I'm expecting Skin-Cap or the exact equivalent of skin-cap  to become available via prescription.  That way the derms can get a  piece of the action.  Then a pretty effective solution to P will be  available to us all.  And then those of us with prescription plans will  be able to save lots of money as well.  All parties can win!   

From Roger:

Thank you very much for staying on top of things for the rest of us  suffurers, after having used this miracle cure and having it taken off the  market, even here in Canada.  I would  appreciate you keeping  me posted   on future development as they happen.  If you need any help, pleased advise  and I will do what I can.  Thanks again. 

From Robert Boulden:

I have used Skin Cap for 1 year and had my P clear up in 2 weeks. I  was under the care of a physician who was giving me the Goeckerman  Regimen. I started using the S.C. during the last 2 weeks of my  treatment on my legs only. The nurse told me that my legs cleared up  remarkably fast. I did not tell them about the S.C. I have used it  since then as a maintenance medication with good success along with  MG 217. I was not happy with the price and small portion. I hope that  this medication returns to the market as it did help me. Robert   

From Don Gould:

Hey, sign me up as a beleiver.  Skin-CAP is almost like  a miracle, I have   wrestled with psoriasis for 20 plus years and this is the first product to  actually WORK.  I don't need FDA and  greedy drug companies to save me from   myself.. I need SKIN-CAP to save me from Drs. who have over the years  injected 117 doses of corticosteroids up my posterior and prescribed a  small fortune worth of useless, frustrating skin scarring topical junk.  Donations to the wealthy "pharmicuetals"  I for one do not beleive they or   the NPF give a fat damn about " until a cure is found"  effective treatment   for us poor slobs if it means lost dollars or elimination of thier  positions. To endorse an OTC effective in-expensive product COULD MEAN  SELF-DESTRUCTION for a few fat cats if you get my message.  I have 17 tubes  (I like the cream) and 10 on the way.  I have but one request,,, What is  the shelf life of my favorite (topical) OTC product???????????  I beleive it to be a pertinent question as I read the net  about others stocking up as I have done. SC is still available it would  seem as I bought ten tubes of cream this morning. If you are unable to  secure the answer to my question perhaps you could pass it on along on your  response memo. SC is so effective and requires such a small application  quantity that one may be unwise to overstock?????   

From anonymous:

I'm a Nashville resident and have been using Skin Cap for about 3 months.  Like the rest of your supporters, it is the first medical application I've  discovered that truly works, fast and without any apparent side effects. Of  course, like the rest, I was over-joyed at the discovery of this miracle  cure. Finally, something that works, and from what I knew, no harmful side  efffects! I, too, once used Temovate for two weeks years ago and, although I  enjoyed better results than with other creams (but not as good as with  Skin-Cap),  the damaging aspects were quickly apparent, especially the  thinning of skin where it was applied. I haven't noticed a comparable effect  from Skin-Cap at this point. 

From Wendy R.:

I totally share your enthusiasm and concern about Skin Cap.  I got  psoriasis at age 9, and the dermatologist had to look up the name, which  he could not pronounce, in a journal.  I spent my tender teen years  feeling and looking like a leper, since no medicine worked.  I used to  sit indoors with a hat on because my scalp itched so badly that somehow  the pressure of the hat seemed to help.  I spent my early marriage years  using horrible treatments, including sleeping with arms and legs wrapped  in SARAN WRAP to concentrate the awful greasy smelly tar junk. (My  husband really loves me.)  Nothing worked.  When I was 30 I got fed up  and spent 3 weeks in the hospital with tar baths, greasing up and taking  light treatments.  That worked!! I was clear for the first time in so  many years.  But, I became a slave to the light box, which at that time  was an hour away from home.  So 2 to 3 times a week for years, I dragged  my little boy to the hospital so I could get undressed and sweat.  But  the psoriasis came back, and I had 2 basal cell SKIN CANCERS removed  this summer!!!!          Now, at age 50, I have been using Skin Cap for a year;  my skin is  CLEAR and I have had no side effects AT ALL.  My 26 year old daughter,  who inherited this joy from me, also has used everything under the sun  (no pun intended), and the only thing that worked for her was light  treatments, which she became a slave to and finally gave up on.  She has  been using Skin Cap for a year with FABULOUS RESULTS....clear skin, no  side effects!!!!!!     I HOPE THE FDA READS THESE TESTIMONIALS. LET US HAVE OUR SKIN CAP.   

From Janine Belli:

I'm a long-time sufferer of P. and SC is the ONLY thing I have ever used with such great results!  We have to have it back!  ... I want to thank you again.   Because of your web page, I was able to order a dozen more cans of SC.  It was like a ton being lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I have SC for a while longer, hopefully long enough for them to get this mess straightened out. I will be getting a letter off, so that hopefully we will not have to go back living without SC.  BTW, I forgot to mention that I have had NO side effects from my use of SC.  I have been using it for about 1 1/2 yrs. and have not suffered even skin thinning much less psychosis. (although my husband may debate that, :-). )  Thanks again for your efforts.  I'm not really a take charge person, so thank heavens some of you are!    

From WLP:

I admire your stance against the recent upheaval over the FDA's action against Skin Cap. I truly hope SC is everything it has been to millions who suffer from psoriasis.  

It is beyond disbelief that such actions could be taken against a product, which is the first in 100 years that has provided any hope to sufferers of psoriasis world wide. 

The FDA and any other governing body that holds the cell block keys to this product must be made aware of the devastating impact they are creating for millions who have, for the first time perhaps, in their lives, found away out of their leper style confounds.  

I've been subjected to medications that threatens my liver (MTX), thins my skin (Psorcon) and literally burns holes (Glaxo Wellcome Inc's prescription psoriasis treatment called Temovate) in it. I've had year round suntans (PUVA) that dries my skin even after applying absurd amounts of moisturizers. But the most difficult to combat is the social embarrassment one must face daily. I'd rather have cancer. 

Skin Cap is the first and only product that clears psoriasis (period). For me, I've enjoyed nearly 100% remission for 6 months. More importantly, I haven't suffered, not one, side effect the FDA claims could exist or that Glaxo might be counting on to exist.   The only effect I've experienced is the return of my social life, my self esteem and my near death dignity. 

If Skin Cap is withdrawn from the market perpetuated by the greed of Glaxo or any other company which deems Skin Cap threatening to their bottom line. I hope the soulless and heartless individuals who knowingly sentenced millions to a life of pain and heartache one day find themselves rotting in hell and accept that as our receipt to them for what they've done.    FYI: I'm going to write to the FDA , NPF and Glaxo.  Also it might interest you to know with regards to Dermatologist  endorsement's of Skin Cap, my Dr. is an Associate with (New Haven, CT)  Yale's School of medicine; Dermatological dept. and was the one who  recommended SC. 

My sister's head of a Trauma Center in Washington and her Husband is a  Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeon, both of whom are very well aware of  Skin Cap and have, even this early in the controversy, expressed that much  of the to-do over SC is a farce.   

From John Gorman <>:

"I had ugly psoriasis on my shins for 20 years. Hydrocortizone  cream could keep it from scaling and itching, but not from being ugly. 

"I have just started using Skin-Cap two weeks ago, and my  skin is rapidly clearing. A friend of mine had the same results,  which is how I heard about it." 

From anonymous:

"Just one month ago I started using skin-cap.  And within 2 weeks - my  spots were gone!  Now I am nearing the end of my bottle and the stress  this 'ban' is giving me is going to cause a major flare up!!  Over 5  years and none other did what skin cap did.  Where can I find some  more??!!  Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated by sufferers like myself.  Let me know what else I can do!!" 

From Rob Dirne:

"It was interesting reading your piece on Skin Cap. I have just used Skin Cap   for five days and for the second time in my life, my psoriasis is gone ! The  first time was after the PUVA light treatment." 

From anonymous:

"I have been using skincap for the past three weeks and my lesions  are almost gone.I am devastated at the thought of going back to products  that won't work and will make me flake like crazy....  So I said:SAVE skincap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

From anonymous:

"I have used many different medicines for my psoriasis. I have had  psoriasis for 20 years.I started using skin cap on my scalp with great  results. I've never seen such a fast inprovement in my psoriasis in  about 3 days the psoriasis were gone.I still use skin cap about once a  week.GREAT STUFF. I hope they bring it back on the market soon."   

From Scott M. Gray <>:

Date: Saturday, August 23, 1997 1:54 AM 

I have had P. for over 23 years.  I have used just about every drug that Military Dermatologists and outside doctors have recommended.  I have read the internet for over three years for all the latest on this subject.  I have been 80% cleared once from a months stay in the Hospital at Fort Gordon GA when I was put through UVA and Tar with Tridesilon *Ointment* (Desonide) on at all other hours.  It did 80% and was back within a month, even worse. 

I purchased a product (new at the time in the united states) about 18 months ago named EXOREX (OTC), very expensive, and it also did well for me.  I put it on 2 to 3 times a day, ruined a lot of clothes with stains in the process and it cleared me in about 7 weeks to a point of shorts wearing for 2 1/2 weeks and boom, it all came back (worse than ever) 

I have been using Skin-Cap for only a month.  Within three days I saw more improvement than I have ever had, and I have used Temovate, Diprolene, All Tar based products, Westcort, Lydex, and just about every other drug that was the "Time of Choice" in its hay-day.  Skin cap by far has cleared me faster and more effectively than any other treatment I have ever encountered.  One of the great side effects I have had is more time in my  life.  It takes me less than two minutes to apply it in spray form and I am about 80% covered (or was) in my mind and the Docs call it a 50+ % coverage from the waist down and about 20% coverage from the waist up.  Well, since I have only been using it a month, I would say I am about NOTHING covered and just am awaiting the rest  of the red spots to disapper. 

This treatment has changed my life.  I am now 38 years old and for the first time I can go in public and wear shorts, not get stared at, not be asked if I have AIDS or did I get burned when I was little.  I am FINALLY looked at like a normal human being and I will do WHATEVER it takes to continue to get skin-cap, if that meant flying to Spain to purchase it and fill up my suitcase, mail it to myself or smuggle it in.  I am not a criminal, do not have a criminal mind even; however this MUST be approved by someone.   It is apparent to me that this is more of a pissing contest with Drug Companies being pissed and embarrassed that they are losing a great deal of money and did not find it first.  Even if it has CP in it, it is nothing that is not being prescribed to us all ready ..... SO MAKE A COPY of the damn thing! 

I will continue to use SC no matter what happens.  as of August 22, 1997, I have and accumulated over 20 Beautiful Blue Cans and will continue to aquire as much as I can until our Infamous FDA quits kissing the drup  companies ass'. 



"I am writing in regards to your site on skin cap spray.  I, like  yourself, have had psoriasis since I was 14 years old.  I too have used  the topical creams and ointments, used uvb lights and suffered burns  repeatedly.  I started using skin cap spray about 3 months ago and I  have been absolutely amazed at the results that I have had from it. I  noticed results after the first use.  I find myself very angry that a  big time company would once again like to steal away from us the little  people just to make a fast buck.  Skin Cap has allowed me to regain my  self-confidence back, to be able to look at myself in the mirror, and  smile again.  I had the gasps and looks of disgust, some even afraid to  sit next to you in fear that what you have is contagious.  I'm sure  there are millions of us out there all with the same kinds of horror  stories but with the Skin Cap we should be allowed to have a happy  ending.  When i think of that 14 year old teenager walking down the  hallway of school being looked at as a walking disease, well it cuts to  the heart because I've been there.  I am also sending a letter to the  NPF and GLAXO and FDA giving my support to Skin Cap, because I have had  no side effects using the spray only relief." 


"I want to congratulate you on your efforts to save Skin Cap.  I too use it and have had NO side affects.  I have a cousin that uses it and has had NO side affects.  We both have been using Skin Cap for about 6 months.  The  fact is, we use very little Skin Cap in comparison to the 10's of years of steroid   injections and creams ..with...100% satisfaction from Skin Cap."   

From anonymous:

"I have had this disease since I was 21 years old ( more than 45 years ) and   I have tried many medications of all types, including tars and steroids. I  have also tried UV treatments, at great expense. 

"The first time steroids were perscribed ( about 35 years ago ), I  experienced complete clearing for about 2 weeks, after which it returned -  but with increased intensit. Since then, with a variety of medications -  most recently, Dovonex - the best I have been able to achieve has been to  reduce the intensity and keep it stable with continuous topical treatment. 

"Three months ago, my dermatologist gave me Skin-Cap. After 4 days, the  patches were drasically reduced in size and color. After 2 weeks, my skin  was clear. 

"However, I was concerned about the continuous use of Skin-Cap because it had   such a powerful effect. I decided to minimize its use, and used Dovonex to  treat the new patches when they appeared, until the disease again became of  such a level that the patches were becoming unsightly again. Then, I again  used Skin-Cap for a few days ( 3 to 7 ) until the disease was under control  again. The cycle seems to be about 4 days of Skin-Cap, about 2 weeks of  Dovonex, to maintain cosmetically acceptable results. This routine has been  used for only a short time ( 3 months ), but I have experienced no apparent  side-effects. 

"For the first time in these past 45 years, I can wear short sleeves and  short pants, and go swimming without emarassment and comment. It is  wonderful to have this freedom again, and I hope that we can find a way to  maintain it." 


"As a 30 year veteran of psoriasis I've tried every possible approach to  controlling this disease.  Anyone with this experience knows how it  goes.  Starving yourself works...but it also kills you in the long run.  Intense light therapy helps, but you end up with prematurely aged skin  like mine, or cancer which I've managed to escape so far.  Then there  are the endless, expensive tubes of steroids that take hours and hours  of your life to pay for and apply, with less than exciting results.  And  don't forget the coal there's an ideal treatment for ya.  Skin  Cap works quickly, wonderfully, and requires a minimum of effort.  I for  one, have stocked up big time on this product since it seems that the  big boys will be taking it away soon.  Would love to help in any efforts  to keep this available." 


"I tried using vitamins and minerals for about three months and found they  had little effect.  There was another pump spray that came to me via  Scarborough, but it was not effective.  SKIN CAP, however decreased the  scaling, lightened the color and took away that horrible itch.  There was  a time when the psoriasis would burst into full-life after a hot bath...  Now I can luxuriate without worry.  I'm sorry to hear that something as  good as this product is being considered a danger to the public :("   

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