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Skin Cap zinc Spray was created for the daily hygiene of skin with a tendency to various types of skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea, dandruff and other acute skin disorders.

It relieves itching and it eliminates the desquamation of the skin and the scalp, improving your skins appearance

Skin Cap zinc Spray can be used on practically the whole body. In order to facilitate its application on the scalp, there is an additional, special applicator in the box of the product.

Certain areas of the body, such as the external ear, genital area and eye contours, are very sensitive. Therefore, spray the palm of your hand and apply the product with your hand on these sensitive areas.

Skin Cap zinc Spray penetrates the skin faster and deeper, so the results also come faster. The Spray should be applied twice a day. We recommend to continue the treatment for one additional week once the symptoms have disappeared

Skin Cap zinc Spray

Skin Cap zinc Cream is recommended specially in the cases where the skin is so affected that it shows itself very dry and chapped as well as for areas and cases where it is difficult to apply Skin Cap zinc Spray.

More precisely we are talking about localized areas of the face, the external ear, the genital area and eye contours. Also we advise to use Skin Cap zinc Cream instead of Skin Cap zinc Spray in young children under ten years old, since their skin is very sensitive.


We recommend to begin the treatment of open wounds in the skin with Skin Cap zinc Cream. (The Spray at this stage would cause irritation and soreness because of the alcohol and the gas of this product.)

Once the wound is closed, the treatment can be continued with Skin Cap zinc Spray.

Also as hands are the most difficult area to treat, because by washing your hands you take off the medication, we advise you to use Skin Cap zinc Cream after you wash your hands to keep the medication active.

Skin Cap zinc Cream

Skin Cap zinc Shampoo is indicated for the care of the scalp when it is affected by dandruff, dry seborrhea or fatty seborrhea. It moisturizes the skin in a natural way and eliminates the excess oily residue on the scalp cleaning the affected area.

Skin Cap zinc Shampoo also relieves itching, reduces flaking and helps to increase the healing power of the skin, it balances the activity of the scalp cells and has a positive influence on hair growth

Skin Cap zinc Shampoo can be used together with Skin Cap zinc Spray. When there are serious localized lesions in the scalp, we recommend to apply Skin Cap zinc Spray on the localized lesions and use Skin Cap zinc Shampoo as the only shampoo to wash your hair with normally.

Skin Cap zinc Shampoo can be used during a long period of time without losing its effectiveness. (Other antidandruff shampoos with unactivated zinc pyrithione often lose their effectiveness completely after one or two months of use.)

Skin Cap zinc Shampoo