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          The period of application is approximately one month. It is recommended to continue the treatment during one additional week after the symptoms have disappeared. The first results are visible after one week of application. Generally, the affected areas improve and remain clean after 14 - 20 days. Even if the results are positive in less time, it is recommended to always complete the treatment. In this way, more stable and effective results can be achieved in the long run.


The time of application is generally two weeks, although positive and long-lasting results that can be seen very quickly. In recurrent cases, a new application of SKIN CAP guarantees favorable results. For dry seborrhea, a mixed treatment with the application of SPRAY and SHAMPOO is recommended. For fatty seborrhea, the application of the SHAMPOO three times a week is enough to clean the affected areas.


Results are visible between the second and the fourth week of application. SKIN CAP must be used until the total disappearance of symptoms.                                                      NEXT-->