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Skin Cap has helped you - Feedback from Skin Cap users

I have tried every product on the market and everthing doctors have prescribed. The only thing that has ever work for me is Skin Cap. I have dry scaldy patches on my face on my cheek area on especially behind my ears and nose. I used Skin Cap and In couple of weeks it clears up. I also have a really dry patchy scalp with huge patches of dry skin. I have dry spraying the spray on my scalp but i dont like the way my hair looks after I do that. Has anyone tried using the cream in the scalp? Or does anyone know what Is the best way to treat the scalp without making your hair greasy. I have previously tried the shampoo, but it doesnt seem effective as the spray...maybe i will try the cream.

My phoriasis started when I was 30 years old. I worked in the public. I had the problem of people wondering what was wrong with me. The main question was, is it contagious. After a while this got old and I became self conscious of myself and started wearing long sleeve and pants. I can remember going to The Strawberry Festival Prade and setting in the hot sun, 100 degrees and me having on long sleeve and long pants cause I was to embarrassed to not be covered. I tried all the creams the doctor would perscribe for me, nothing worked. The creams would make it feel somewhat better but the yuuk was still there. My psoriasis made me want to stay home were no one could see me and that also made me depressed. I'm 38 now and have been using Skin Cap for 3 years. I only have a small place (dime size) on me now. When I first started with Skin Cap my arms were completly covered from my elbows to my fingers. My knees were covered. Now,when I have a tiny place come up I use the!
 spray and with in three to four days I can't see it. I will contine to use Skin Cap when needed. It gave me my life back..I look normal now!!
THANK YOU Skin Cap!!!!

Skin Cap has been the only... and i mean only... thing that cleared my psoraisis...which i have suffered with for forty years...the easiest way to  control psoraisis that i have ever forty years ... is skin  cap...there is finally a solution for psoraisis sufferers.

Hi, I'm writing for my sister who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.  She is about  85% covered with psoriasis.  I found Skin Cap for her on the net and she  is living proof that it is the ONLY thing that works for her.  She was  totally cleared of her psoriasis. 

I would like to share with you my success with the Skin Cap spray and shampoo  products.  Skin Cap is the only product out there that has worked in getting  rid of my psoriasis which affects my back, elbows, stomach, legs, calves, and  scalp.  I have had psoriasis for seven years and have tried every steroidal  ointment known to the medical industry from Temovate all the way to Ultravate,  the strongest of them all!!!  I have tried coal tar applications, and UV light  treatments with absolutely no success. 

Skin  Cap began showing its effectiveness after three weeks when my lesions began  decreasing in size and severity.  I then ordered multiple cans of Skin Cap to  complete the treatment.  After about 3 months, I was completely free of  psoriasis. 

Believe me, there is absolutely no  substitute for Skin Cap and I know that I am not alone in experiencing success in  using Skin Cap.

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It worked for me better than any treatment I have used in thirty-eight years  of battling psoriasis.  I bought one can of the spray and was  clear long before it was gone.  When I had an outbreak about a year later,  I ordered another can and again was clear before the can was empty.  I  certainly believe that any risk associated with this product is less than  that involved with other traditional treatments.  UVB has the potential of  causing skin cancer.  Methotrexate can destroy your liver, cause birth  defects, etc.  And the steroid creams and ointments have only been limited  in their effectiveness for me.     

I have been using Skin Cap for about 1 1/2 years.  It is the only thing  that has come even close to helping my problem.  I went for about 1 decade  not being able to go without a shirt or wear shorts without ridiculously  high socks.  I was an old dork before my time.  Since Skin Cap I have been   able to return to the swimming team.  Something that I enjoy while  improving my health.  The only other side effects I have noticed is that I  don't have to try and change my clothes at work so fast that my coworkers  don't notice.    

Skin Cap was the only thing that worked,for the first time  in 13 years I was free from psorasis. I felt like a real person again. I have no side effects, unlike I did with temovate and all  the other medication the Doctors have prescribed over the years. I have  health skin, not skin so thin you could count every vain I had. It worked  very well and for the first time in my life I was psoriasis free for a  prolonged time.   


I'm writing for my father, who has had psoriasis for years and has tried  everything. The only thing that worked well was Skin Cap.  He has tried  supposedly similar products (spray) with no results.  

I used Skin Cap for about three months.  It worked considerably better  than anything else that my dermotologist prescribed.  It restored a  sense of self-confidence I had lost. And to date (it's been about three  months since I stopped using it), I have had no known adverse reactions. 

It is the only thing that works. 

After suffering from embarrassing flaking and itching of the scalp for  several years, and using everything I could find to try to control my  problem,  I was delighted when my THIRD dermatologist finally gave me  something that actually worked.  After my second shampooing, I could tell a  remarkable difference in both the flaking and itching.  I did not even mind   that  Skin Cap shampoo cost much more than a bottle that size of ANYTHING   should cost, it worked, and my hair was even soft and managable.  

My name is Brad and I used Skin Cap for about 2 years with no side  effects that I am aware of at all. I am 29 and have had Psoriasis for quite some time and it now covers   70-80% of my body during the winter.   Skin Cap was the only treatment  that worked.    

I  have psoriasis and have been using Skin Cap.  I have tried  numerous other creams and treatments and nothing else seem to work as  well as this.  I also have told many people about Skin Cap and it has  helped them as well.    

I've had Psoriasis for 10 years and have tried some creams  but when I used Skin Cap(spray) it practically "cured" me.


I just have to say that after months of research trying to find an  alternative treatment for my eczema ( not cortisone ) I found Skin Cap and  within a few days the rash was gone from virtually my entire body.  In  combination with a strict diet and vitamin supplements I have maintained my  health with the infrequent use of Skin Cap.  If i have a few drinks or to  much carbohydrates or sugar my skin may get irritated.  I would use Skin Cap  once or twice right away and avoid any further irritation. Even a shower is  enough to trigger it or pollutants in the air.  Am I supposed to go back to  my idiot dermatologist so he can tell me that my eczema has nothing to do  with allergies and I should be on prescription cortisone?  Isn't that the  steroid ? the immune suppressing candiadis inducing stuff that western  medicine promotes the use of?  Is that twisted or what!  This whole thing  really pisses me off.  They must think we're fools. I use Skin Cap in combination with my own personal regime and am in  the best of health.

My mother and sister both suffer from psoriasis.  My sister has it over  50% of her body.  I found Skin Cap on the internet about a year ago and  ordered it for them both.  My sister cannot believe how well it worked  for her.  

I developed psoriasis when I was 18. I must say it is the most  embarrassing skin disorder one can have. When someone doesn't know  exactly what you have ask's if it's contagious while you are standing in  a grocery line, and the clerk really doesn't want to handle your money  it's a down right degrading feeling. I have been through all the  treatments the dermatologists can think of...from applying the cream and  wrapping the lesions in plastic wrap, light treatments, and the last  resort which was being placed on a cancer drug called methotrexate,  which has mild side effects and requires that you have a biopsy done  every so often. I began using the Skin Cap in July of this year...I used  it for about two weeks and all the lesions that I had cleared. I had NO  side effects. For the first time in 19 years I had found something that  worked with no ill side effects.    

It is the ONLY thing I have ever found to work.  As a 20 year sufferer I  have tried my share of solutions and have been disappointed by  everything except methotrexate which is not good on a long term basis.  I wore shorts this summer and actually swam for the first time in many  years.   

I am 35 year old male. I have been dealing with psoriasis approximatly 10  years now. the Patches started out smal and only a few, with the largest  being on my scalp where you couldnt see it. 

Since then it has spread and now covery approx 50% of my back, stomach, arm  and legs. 

I had just found out about Skin Cap and was using it for about a month with  great results.    

I am a college student suffering from psoriasis.  Not only is it an eye-sore   to my friends, but other students look and talk about me during class.  I  tried Skin Cap last winter and it worked wonders on my skin. My  psoriasis cleared completly up while I used Skin Cap.

The product is simply a miracle.  

I like many psoriasis sufferers have tried many,   many medications, only to find one product that works.  I, like many  that have psoriasis have found that Skin Cap is the only medication to  help relieve the itching, and scaling associated with psoriasis. I am  currently taking PUVA treatments, which only help to contain my  condition.  I have used many ointments, creams, and lotions that only  stain my clothes and bed sheets.  I have also used many other harmful  drugs that can cause such things as cancer.  These medications include  light treatments and also methotrexate.  I for one, am willing to risk  any side affects that Skin Cap may cause, because it is the one and only  thing that has made my skin clear up. Before using Skin Cap i was  affected at about 80% of my entire body, now after using just a can I am  now only about 20% affected.  

My boyfriend has suffered from psoriasis for two years, his brothers  each at least five years, and their father, when he died, was cracked,  bleeding and flaking from every conceivable part of his body.  Skin Cap  cleared up all three brothers' psoriasis within two weeks.  

For more than 10 years I have suffered from psoriasis in varying degrees  from mildly annoying to extremely painful and bleeding. 

I have tried all kinds of topical treatments, including Temovate, and  while most gave me some relief, none ever cleared it up. Until Skin Cap

Last Spring, my psoriasis had gotten so bad that I was looking forward  to a summer in long-sleeved shirts and pants and no swimming. My  mother's dermatologist (he cleared hers up with Methotrexate) told her  about Skin Cap and she passed the information to me. While it sounded  too good to be true, it was worth a try. 

Within ONE WEEK my psoriasis was completely gone. No scars, no signs  that I had ever had psoriasis. And it stayed gone all summer.  

This is the greatest treatment ever invented. 

I am 23 years old and I have had psoraisis for the last 6 years. My first  flare up was a gutate ("gumdrop" patch) type of psoraisis over my entire  body. After numerous visits to my dermatologist, which included steroid  injections, as well as applications of Lidex gel, Dovonex ointment, and a  variety of other presciption and OTC medications, my condition gradually  improved - until I stopped using the medication. 

I had lost all hope of defeating this disease and reclaiming an ordinary  life, until one day I read a newspaper ad for a revolutionary new product  guaranteed to clear up psoriasis quickly and without the risk associated with  corticosteriods.  Both desperate and admittedly skeptical at first, I ordered a can of the  Skin Cap spray. The Skin Cap products have far surpassed my expectations and  have been my salvation. Not only have patches of psoraisis that no other  single treatment remotely provided any relief from disappear quickly, and in  most cases permanently, upon application on Skin Cap, I have also experienced  NO negative side effects from its use. 

I was fortunate to get a can of Skin Cap and found it to be the most  usefull treatment that I've ever used for my psoriasis condition. 

I have been suffering from psoiasis for about 10 years now;  I am 20  years old.  When I was a child, I only had a couple of patches of  psoriasis.  Recently however (last 3 or 4 years), the psoriasis has  spread a lot.  I have not been able to stop or even slow its growth.  One day I decided to look on the internet for any answers, when suddenly  I saw this thing called Skin Cap.  I was reading all of the results from  those extreme sufferers, and was amazed.    

I've been a Psoriasis sufferer for about ten years and as you mentioned in  previous articles I''ve tried all the different creams and sprays out there.  Even the sun tan booth for weeks on end. Nothing seemed to have any success.  Then I tried some Skin Cap and within days I saw improvement and within 2  weeks I was almost completely cleared up. 

I have been a user of Skin Cap spray for 7 years, no problems ever.

Skin Cap is the only thing that works. 

I have been suffering with psoriosis for 20 years, and this is the first  time that I was able to go to the beach when everyone else was there!! I  can not tell you the joy of walking around in short sleeves this summer. I  forgot what that felt like. Or not to be embarassed in front of my wife and  kids.    FINALLY!  something that works. 

Skin Cap has been a MIRACLE for me. 

No you're not crazy.  I am a long term psoriasis sufferer and found  virtually perfect relief with Skin Cap and no help with anything else.  In addition my skin is very sensitive to corticosteroids.  I can attest  to the fact that either there is no steroid in Skin Cap or that there is  a "perfect" dosage that only seems to clear the skin without having any  other effect. The clones don't work.  Bring back Skin Cap

Skin Cap is the only product that has worked on my severe eczema. (I know you  have heard that statement berfore, but it's true!). I have ordered another  zinc pyrithione product in a pump spray, but it is not effective at all. I  can only surmise that I cannot tolerate the alcohol base of that product.    

I think Skin Cap is the best I've ever used and I've used alot of  medicines.  I've tried DermaZinc and i think it stinks,It dreies my skin and just  simply does not work.  I've tried beef tally, also Tempavate,steroid shots.tanning beds,I've  tried cleaning products that was said to work,Ive tried psoracon.Ive  been through alot of medicines and alot of money and the only thing I've  found to work is Skin Cap.   

Finally a product that actually worked. My husband used the product in very  small dosages and his skin condition has cleared up.  Not only has it  helped the actual skin but it has changed his mentality about this  misunderstood skin condition. 

Skin Cap is the first thing since injections that has cleared up my  psoriasis entirely. 

I am a 47 year old male, and have been suffering from psoriasis since  the age of 25. Like everyone, I have tried just about anything avalable,  but nothing seems to work, exept for Skin Cap.  I started using it in  May, and by June, for the first time in years, I felt good enough to go  to the public pool with my children. 

I'd like to say that Skin Cap IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS HELPED my condition!!  I've been to SEVERAL dermatologists and NOTHING they did helped, and it was at a great   cost to me--prescriptions especially and very frustrating not to have them work. 

I don't use a large amount, just enough to keep the problem under control.

I have tried Skin Cap and steriod injections  straight into each leason and or patch which works fairly well but painful. I  have tried Skin Cap and it is so easy and painless.



Skin Cap has really been a blesseing to me!!.  I appreciate this product.   Severe skin problems are in my family .  This is the one product that has really helped!!! 


SC was the ONLY thing that even remotely hepled our daughter with severe scalp P.  

I have had psoriasis for 2 years, my freind recommended me to use skin  cap and after 4 days it was nearly gone.  I have now been able to keep  it under control with periodic use.    

I am just another one of the psoriasis sufferers who this past summer could  wear shorts, short sox and short sleeve shirts for the first time in many  many years...thanks to Skin Cap. Totally clear body without side effects.    

I think Skin Cap is the best treatment on the market.  the methotrexate made   me feel awful and I would have needed a liver biopsy had I stayed on it  longer.  Skin Cap has completely cleared me but I still get flare ups while  using it-does anyone else. 

I also suffer from psoriasis.  I used the so called wonder drug  temovate, I never received any improvement.  I have had this for four  years now, and the only medication that has showed any kind of  significant improvement was the Skin Cap.  The changes started within 12  hrs with no side effects.    

This is something that surprisingly no one has written about yet.  My wife  has had eczema all her life, and has tried many so called solutions like  many others have.  The product Skin Cap completly cleared up her skin also,  and I do mean completly.  I have to tell you that it was not only amazing  for her, but for me as well.

My cousin and I suffer from Psoriasis and have been for years. I have taken  Alpha Keri baths and washed with Pine Tar soap - N.F.G!!! I've tried  temovate, Diproline, Dovonex (sorry about any incorrect spelling) till I  can see the veins in my arms from thinning skin. Nothing works. My cousin  informed me about Skin Cap and for the first time in 10 years was able to  go to the beach, wear tank tops and shorts and really start to enjoy my  summers.    

Just to let you know i used Skin Cap for over a year (about 15 mo.) and was  clear for the first time in 16 yr.  i had no side afects using Skin Cap

I think what your doing is commendable.My father suffers really badly and  Skin Cap is the one that works really well. 

My story is no different than any other posted on this page.  After  years of expensive presciptions that offer very little relief  and a liver that has been permenatly damaged from methotrexate,  I  finally found somthing that works  Skin Cap

I can now even take my shirt off in public, somthing I havn't been able  to do for over 10 years. 

I have been through the same thing that you all have.  I was doing the UVB  treatments and the light pills that they were having me take made me sick.  Having to drive 40 minutes away from my home really sucks.  I was very  greatful to find SC.  It has been the only thing that has worked for me.   

After suffering from psoriasis for 30 years, I finally  found Skin Cap. I bought one can and it worked like a charm. 

My father and I were both regular Skin Cap users and were very happy with  the product.  As all the other respondents have said, it worked for me and  there were no noticeable side effects.  My dad tried DermaZinc but it  didn't work for him. 

I have had psoriasis for over 10 years.  It seems to get progressively  worse every year.  I also have psoriatic arthritis, and have been told  by my Rhematologist that I can control my arthritis by controlling my  psoriasis. 

Skin Cap is the only product that has ever controlled my psoriasis!  I  never saw any bad side affects. 

Skin Cap worked for me.  I am clear for the first time in 22 years.  You   can quote me anywhere... 

I have been using Skin Cap for one year now.  I am 21 years old and I have   had psoriasis since I was 6.  I have used several treatments such as tar,  ultravate, and temovate.  These products worked to clear up my psoriasis,  but it always would reappearing days.  With temovate, my skin would become  very thin and tender.  After using it for a few months, it would lose its  effect.    When Skin Cap was suggested to me by a relative, I thought it would be  another hopeless attempt to clear up my psoriasis.  He told me that he had  been using it for a month, and it had completely cleared up his skin.  So I  ordered two cans of the spray and immediately began treatment.    It was easy to apply without any mess.  Within days of treatment, I  noticed the most significant change I had ever seen in the condition of my  psoriasis.  After approximately three weeks of treatment, my psoriasis was  completely gone.  This was the first time since I was 6 years old that my  skin was free from this nuisance.  Now I only have to use the spray  occasionally to keep my condition in check.