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All the information regarding the SKIN CAP controversy

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Opinions pro o con Skin Cap collected from newsgroups:

after 16+ months of 95% clear, I now have worse P than I've had in years. I've also gotten neglegent and am not maintaining a regular treatment plan of any kind. I ordered a 6.6 Oz can of Skin Cap on Saturday and will see if it can help me get to a better state. I used it years ago and it worked great. Anyone have any recent experience with it? Any words of advise short of "don't use it"?

After reading about this miracle product in this Newsgroup I decided to try it. I've had P. for about 10 years and the worse I ever remenber it being was at the very beginning. Then about 70% to 80% of my body became covered with P. over a period of 3 months. At the age of 21, I thought this would be the end of my social and love life. Well, it wasn't. I was hospitalized at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and there I learned to treat it. Eventually it would go away for 4 to 5 months then return, but never worse than before - always a little better. Mind you, I never stopped treating it, usually with PUVA and topical steroids. The side effects of the treatment were minor (i.e.nausea and, most importantly, frekles all over my body) but it worked. Then came Skin Cap. I though I'd give it a try after all reading all the rave reviews. The price was a little forbiding at $40 per can so I called relatives in Spain (where this stuff is manufactured) and asked them to buy me a half dozen cans. A flag was raised when my relatives called me back to inform me that Skin Cap was no longer being recommended for use with Psoriasis, but I told them to send it to me anyway. After the first two weeks improvement was gradual and I was amazed. I only had a few spots here and there and they seemed to be going away. It took me 4 weeks to use 2 cans, then I started to notice something odd. As older larger lesions started to clear smaller ones started to appear. I sprayed those and they would start to vannish and more new ones appeared at an even faster rate. I stopped using the product and to my complete horror my whole body became covered with it all over again, just as it was 10 years ago. Today I know deal with the problem more effectivelly so it's back to PUVA. As for those of you who plan to start using the product: Beware! The symptoms seem oddly simular to when one suddenly stops using Hydrocortisone. This raises the question: What is really in this product? Hope this helps anyone who might be thinking about using Skin Cap.

I've been using it for 2 1/2 months and I'm cleared up for the first time in 10 years.

I read several months ago in this column about skincap and decided to try it. I first ordered one can for about $34. I used it twice a day on both arms and hands. The can lasted about five days, but I could tell some difference in clearing. I have had P. for over 30 years and the lesions on my arms and legs are probably over 1/2 inch thick. I then ordered their 10 can deal for about $250. Each time the product was delivered in about 2-3 days. I then began a concerted effort to spray it on just my arms and hands. In about three weeks, both arms and hands were completely clear with no side effects that I discovered. The only problem is that seven cans were gone. The last three have been for follow-up on the same spots. I am now down to the last can and the lesions are reappearing on my arms and hands. I was pleased with the results and I feel it would have worked better if I did not have so much P. (estimated to have 70% coverage.) Has anyone else had this positive effect. It seems like any time I read about Skin Cap that it is negative. By the way, I think I am going to order another ten cans. I am going to investigate if my insurance will reimburse me 80% if I get a prescription even though this is not a prescription drug.

Skin Cap was the best thing ever for me. Yes, a few people over-used it and got a reaction when they stopped but for me it was super!! BTW, I've worked for a Pharmaceutical Co. and the high cost of drugs can be traced in large part to the loooooong development cycle (10-15+ years) and legal costs of Lawyers trying to get rich.

Does anyone really know and understand the scientific implications of skin cap and blue cap? I've heard the dreaded, "filled with steroids", more specifically temovate and all the harm that can come from it. However, I know that the stuff works, I can get it without perscription, although it takes forever to get here from Spain and its expensive. I know that I tried temovate and did not get the same results so it cannot be that simple. Is it possible that the FDA didn't get the requisite "donation" from the maufacturer to get approval? Why does this stuff work so well (I know its temporary, but so is everything else )? I've tried TAR, TAC, UVB, Dovonex (which is more expensive than Blue Cap or Skin Cap even with perscription coverage), Temovate, Tazorac, etc. etc. etc. ......NONE of it gives these kind of results. Why is it illegal REALLY........Has anyone ever tried to get to the bottom other than what the "main stream" feeds us. I hate being a freakin sheep and just buying in to what the FDA, and the AMA spews out, because frankly, if they find a cure, they stop getting paid. It isn't in their interest to find a cure.

I was just wondering why, after all of this time, we don't have answers to those questions. I had saved a little bit of a can for 4 years (how time flies!) I had a stubborn patch on my ankle that just wouldn't leave even though I am mostly in remission. I managed to get a few drops on to that spot and it went away. Here we are talking about spending $30,000 per year to alter our genes and no one has really figured out why Skin Cap worked. I also am not helped by steroids so there must have been something else in there. What was it and why don't we know by now? I did not know that one could get the real thing from Spain. Are you sure it's the same stuff? I thought it was being seized at the border or something? I apologize for starting up the skincap controversy again, but it does seem strange that no one knows for sure.

I bought the real stuff, and the P is 50% gone in a week.......

Only Cheminova (or whoever they think they are now) knows what they put into it on any given day, and they ain't talking. Maybe some big drug companies have put some work into figuring it out, or spying, or bribing their way to the ingredients, but if so, they ain't talking, either. Maybe one of the secret key ingredients is long-term harmful. Just *maybe* somebody knows, and there's no way to patent it, so they're doing their best to forget it, but it just seems unlikely. Even in the worst case, it would seem that somebody could make a pretty penny off of just making the Cheminova formula legit, almost no matter what's in it ... ... unless for some reason it just doesn't work at all as well in controlled trials. I know, the testimonials for it, including yours, are so common that it seems that would just not be the case. It would sure seem worthwhile to have some public trials of it. So, if you really want to get exercised on the issue, ask why that never happens. It's an interesting story, and maybe we haven't seen the end of it yet.

I have sebbhorea derm.and I use the Blue Cap. Works fantastic....I only have to use it once in awhile and it throws my Sebhorrea into remission. I have not seen or experienced any side effects.

after 7 years it stared to despear, with skin cap shampoo and skin cap spray, try it.

Like a number of us here, I used skin-cap back in the mid '90s until it was banned. It worked really well for me and I wish to this day I still had more. I understand the ban and have no trouble with it. However, it did work for many of us. Why has no other drug company come out with a similar product that uses a spray? I believe the spray allowed the medication to enter the skin area faster, with little worry of it rubbing off like many of the gels and creams that we can use. A derm that I talked to today didn't know and thought it would be a good idea. Based on what he said and what I have read before, I may very well look into Olux which is form based.

I am new here, but wish to say that Skin Cap has done WONDERS for me -- almost instantly! I was a total skeptic. Now if would only cost $10 a bottle!!!

Although you've probably heard it before... I just thought I would give my two cents regarding Skin Cap: It works. It works like a miracle. It takes me about 4 applications to elliminate any signs of psoriasis. Three or four days later I'm cured.... Now of corse they've pulled it off the shelves. Apparently, this steroid they found in it was just a freak batch tho' and it will soon be going on sale again. Although I cannot confirm that. Until that day, I will continue to get by with all these pointless creams they keep giving me. I believe I've tried everything, tho' I would be interested to know any other "miracle" cures out there that someone has Skin Cap.

im 34 with psoriasis ,skin cap cleared it for a while but i could not get any more,today i got a package of skin cap spray,shampoo and cream so you can still buy it

I have had psoriasis for at least ten years. No treatment has ever worked for me, except for Skin Cap. It cleared my scalp and joints completely like no other medication. Since I can not get this any more I've given up and don't even go to the Dr. Does anyone know of a treatment containing similar ingredients that were found in skin cap. I've been asked to be in wedding next year and I need to do something to clear this stuff up.

I have used Skin Cap while it was available in Canada, and as far as I'm concerned there was no better product on the market for psoriasis remission. I have tried every prescription and skin cream, took daily uv light treatments at the Womens College Hospital (the most respected psoriasis treatment and research hospital in Canada) with varying degrees of success. Skin Cap (for me) has given unequivical results.

Skin-Cap's formula has been revised since the FDA banned it because a very small percentage of user had a flare-up of their Psoriasis' apparently when they stopped using it. I used the original one and it was fantastic!! I used 3 cans in about 16months and it caused some patches to disappear in 3 days after I had it for 15 years...and after I stopped using it a couple of the patches never came back and one knee stayed clear for almost 2 years after. There is something about the words "Skin-Cap" that drives some people crazy, like noise near to a 'Killer Bee' swarm and they go nuts....dunno why but they can't accept the fact that some folks had a good result from SK. Some who post here know of Pharmacies in Canada that can make-up a cream (I think) with the good stuff in it. Don't worry about the negative people here.

skincap left me with nice stretch marks (small ones) but enough to notice around my ankles. I already have stretch marks from temavate from my youth. I would highly recommend you avoid using skincap on your face. I dont want to scare you, but over use.. even light use may leave you with scars on your face. It will eventaully thin out skin on your face restarding the collegen and leaving small scars, or big ones (stretch marks)

I used Skin Cap for several years with great results. I had Seb. Derm. on my face. I still use it once in a while.

I have been using skin cap shampoo and spray for about four days and I will never be without this product again. My face and scalp are totally clear and the other patches are fading fast. I think this stuff is wonderful. The cost may seem high but to me it is worth every penny paid and it does not take very much per application for my needs. If it helps my psoriasis is psoriatic arthritis and classified as mild (yeah, right). Warning, the first day I used skin cap The flaking was noticably worse but the next day that stopped completely.

I am hesitant to say very much about the particular product that I have been using for four days...I don't want to start a flame war about promoting anything on behalf of a commercial enterprise. I am trying to be sensitive to all of the P* sufferers who read and post to this group, and I realize my own experience may not be the norm. However, I have never had such amazing results from a topical product. I went thru extensive and very expensive PUVA treatments last year...and stayed clear about 8 weeks. Every other morning, I swallowed awful pills, took my treatment, arrived at the office late, stayed nauseous until noon, and all the time wearing UV goggles for 24 hours after swallowing the pills. Although I have great insurance, my deductible portion was still around $1,000 before insurance took over and paid the rest. By the winter, my body was absolutely covered with lesions again. I found that my life was being engulfed by thoughts of P*. I couldn't participate in extra-curricular social activities, since I always had to rush home after work, strip off the clothes, and apply Dovonex to stop the awful itching. My weekends were spent laying around the house, keeping the Dovonex applied. I itched, I scratched, I went thru tube after tube of Dovonex, I used cortisone ointments sparingly on my face, I went thru bouts of deep dark depression, my sex life was non-existent, my work was suffering, I felt like a leper [I know a lot of the subscribers to this newsgroup have been thru the same things, so pardon my repeating these oft-described events and feelings]. I stopped smoking. I stopped using any caffeine. I changed my diet so many times I can't remember. Nothing helped, everything seemed to make my P* worse. Hoping I could avoid the awful nausea (from the PUVA pills), the accelerated skin aging, and the skin cancer/eye cataract risks, and another thousand bucks in this calendar year, I kept putting off a new round of PUVA treatments. Just as I was at my wits end, ready to call the hospital for new PUVA, my mom saw an 800- number in our local paper. I called it and ordered a can of Skin Cap. I had read all the previous postings here about this product. I had corresponded with a few users who had experienced clearing. Even then, I was VERY unsure, worried that the company selling the product might be internet jackals pushing false hopes. Well kids, guess what? My formerly bleeding elbows are practically healed after four days. My face is completely healed. My awful legs show great improvement. I am downright amazed. I know this is NOT a cure, but it sure is dramatic...and my depression has taken a big 180-degree turn. Caution, caveat emptor, etc: This stuff is expensive. I paid $40 for one can, and it looks like it might last me a week at best. I immediately re-ordered 4 cans at a time, where they pay the shipping and thus reduces cost-per-can to $35. I don't know if there are any side effects. Can says the "composition" is .2% Pyrithione Zinc; any chemists out there know what this is? It's kinda oily, but sure is less messy than the Dovonex cream. Manufacturer is Cheminova Internacional, S.A., Madrid, Spain. I don't know WHY this stuff is working, and if it will continue to work. All I know is that for the first time in about 8 months, I can actually wear a short-sleeved shirt, I can sit down without feeling painful cracking of lesions on my thighs, and I have HOPE.

I am also extremeley leery about Skin Cap. Finally I bought a spray can. I am approaching it slowly, on just a few spots, but in spite of all my skepticism, it seems to be helping. I have not used much. I don't understand why its a spray, since it ends up sort of an oil that I spread around with my fingertips anyway. I almost wish this was snake oil, but it does seem to help. I would be very interested to hear from anybody who has had bad results (or no results at all). In the meantime, I will continue... on larger patches...

Aha! It appears it's the way that Skin Cap is made. If I remember rightly the man from the UK company who distributes the product was telling me that the Spanish manufaturers process the ingredients in a certain manner which changes the end product. For some reason this (why can't I remember what he said!!??) process seems to make it different.

I have been reading this group over a year with no comments made, I have enjoyed the experience greatly. I have been a sufferer of P and PA over 10 years and have tried every "snake oil" which seemed to offer any logical argument. I bought one can of "skincap" used it for a week on some of my major patches, which were scaling, and bleeding from scratching. I almost went into shock at the pain experienced on initial application, it was intense, but the good news is, after using this stuff for one week the scaling has stopped, and there is no more itching. I immediately ordered two more cans, and have almost finished them, the P is under control, and now I just have reddened skin where the worst patches were. I have experienced no side effects orther than a greatly lightned wallet, I did some checking around and found I could purchase the active ingredient to produce around 1000 cans of spray for under $100.00 so I think the product is greatly overpriced if measured against cost of production, but I can say it does work as advertised and that is more than I have been able to say about anything else I have ever used.

The people that have reported on Skin Cap seem to be giving favorable reviews. Granted, high prices for even a fantastic product sucks the big bo bo. Yet as capitalists, enough information on the active ingredient has been displayed on the net to realize that if Skin Cap does turn out to be all that it claims, it would behoove the manufacturer to bring prices down to a reasonable level or they wind up making it worth our while to come up with our own formulation. Sounds like from the pain Jim experienced on first application the spray has alcohol in the formula. If the product passes through state borders, a product is forced to display its ingredients in order of volume of %. Also if this is a patented formula that can be looked up to at the nearest patent library. As for if it works, I await those that have graciously laid down their skin on our behalf. If you are disappointed with the effectiveness of the Revlon Shampoo, I don't blame you. Without being a chemist, If Skin Cap is effective at .2 - 2% zinc and is left on indefinitely, how high a % do you need in a product that only stays on the scalp in a diluted combination with shower water for only a few minutes? In fact this question applies to all shampoos sold to psoriatics. If it takes 10% crude coal tar left on skin for 5 or more hours, in conjunction with high exposures of UVB, for 30 days to clear, then how long will it take for your scalp to clear with a shampoo with 2% LCD (a weaker form of Coal Tar) rinsed off after 2 minutes? Sounds like we be suckers. While we are on the subject, any one interested in a class action law suit against the company that manufactures "Head and Shoulders"? It seems like dates have been scarce since they explained to the opposite sex that my problem is actually dandruff, and they hold the cure. Well just a thought.

Some thoughts on Skin Cap: Head and Shoulders is 1% Zinc Pyrithione; I called the manufacturer. The maximum permitted percentage of ZP appears to be 2% in a shampoo; Lederle makes one (but it stings the eyes). The sting from Skin Cap may be due to the menthol which reportedly is in it, too, as an anti-itch ingredient, not necessarily to alcohol (which really wouldn't make a whole lot of sense in a can). It may also be due to propolyene glycol, which would remain behind and is a bit oily feeling. This last chemical is safe (it is in fact a food additive, and a major ingredient of stick deodorants) and is a good carrier for other chemicals that need to penetrate the skin. ZP itself is an antifungal; the postulated action against psoriasis is due to its action of killing off common yeasts that psoriatics appear to be allergic to. However, the advantage of a topical application is that it remains behind, whereas shampoos are rinsed. A fairer contest would be to leave the lather in your hair for 20 minutes (as Pagano, the diet guy recommends). There may be some systemic effects from ZP that you should watch out for. The molecule is really simple, but my guess is that it may stress the liver. I'll check MedLine to see if there is anything known about ZP toxicity. If you want a cheap alternative, just rub H&S on the lesions and keep it there overnight. It will tend to dry things out due to the detergent, but the ZP will be there just the same. But, you might consider the Mom test: if you won't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin. Disclaimer: never used Skin Cap. Don't have a financial interest in it. Think it has a weird name (sort of like Skin Sock). Probably is priced at the rate that market will bear, and if it gets real popular, will probably go up rather than down.

Interesting string here. Being skeptical myself, I bought one EXPENSIVE can of this stuff and tried it only on my knees. I continued using Dovonex everywhere else. Wow. Its been about 2 months now. My knees are basically clear (first time in 10 years) with a little bit of thin red still remaining. No scaling, smooth skin. The US distributor will be getting very rich, very soon. Wish I had a spraycan factory for making it myself.......

Hello there...end of third day on skincap and notice a definite response. Skin is far smoother and not as red. Could this be it, folks?? Note, however .. that the literature which accompanies the skincap does stress that this is not a cure..that continuous application is necessary to keep things under control. Although I plan to order more, I am going to let a week pass between cans in order to see what the rebound effect might be. If it does exist, however, I'm inclined to believe that it's probably not the skincap, per se, but the nature of the p ... having experienced rebound in countless forms over past years, regardless of treatment de jour.

I guess I just don't understand the constant posting about skin cap. Zinc Pyrithione (Zinc Omindine-Olin Chemicals ) is a biocide (much of Olins literature mentions that it is a fungicide).....that has been used for several years. In addition it is the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders Shampoo. I am not sure what the formulation weight of Omindine is in Head and Shoulders but I am not so sure that 0.2% is much higher. Having had P for over 30 years and having used products before that were experimental Zinc Omindine formulations I am not so sure that this is such a miracle. Especially at $30.00 per can, you can buy kilos of the raw material for that. Also the MSD for Zinc Omindine does warn of prolonged skin contact etc...... The only thing that I could imagine is that they have come up with an ajuvant that aids in the trans dermal diffusion of the zinc compound.

I have begun using Sin Cap and had relief after 25 years of symptoms. Was gone in one week. Have tried many, many, many treatments. Questions, Why zinc? What are the hazards, if any? C. Johnson

Well, I've had some mixed results. Tried it on one hand and wrist and it took over a week before there was even a sign of improvement. And even after that it didn't clear it all, and after I stopped it came back. Then I tried a patch on my arm, which cleared slightly faster and after 2 or 3 weeks is still clear of scales and lumpiness. The skin there is still faintly pink (which I think is just the extra capillaries prompted by P taking time to go away), but otherwise seems clear. All that took up one can, but I was spraying without the small pipe thingy and wasting a fair deal - the small pipe whatsit makes it much more efficient. With the next can I made a start on my face, and the scales from that cleared very fast - almost all scales gone in 3 days. That was *impressive*. I'd forgotten what it was like to have ears that didn't feel like they were made of sandpaper. Still, it doesn't work for everyone, but I'd guess 3 out of 4 people posting here have had good results (that may not be indicative of the real effectiveness, but it's the only measure we have so far).

I have been working on my first can of Skin Cap for over a week now...with little or no improvement...I sprayed a spot on my leg, and one on my torso...the spot on my torso seems to be reacting better...I would encourage others to try this, though, because not all treatments work for everyone...we have all read how this product has helped others...just not working for me...which may be a blessing, as it is $40 US, which translates into about $60 per can up here in the great white north...stay strong...

My hubby has psoriasis and is now on his third can of SK. It has worked great but is much too expensive. I'm trying to get him to use it only once a day to make it last longer. The trouble is, it seems to just come back when he stops the SK.

I have used it for about 3-4 days on lesions on my forehead, right under the is clearing slowly...a lot of redness has disappeared, and is less tip...definitely use some sort of moisturizer after the Skin Cap...

I too wondered what this Skin Cap was when I discovered this group a couple of months ago. I have followed the postings re: skin cap with much interset. Many people reported alleviation of symptoms. I decided to try it. I have been using Skin Cap for three weeks, only on my hands. The P. on my hands is most definitely improving. I use it three times a day. Is the improvement due to Skin Cap? Who knows. I am of the oipinion that it is worth a try. They do offer a money back guarentee.

Skin cap- Be VERY, VERY careful with this. I do not use this very often but I have had good results with cap or bluecap seems to work better with Sebbhorea then Psorasis. Just so you know, its been reported that Skin/Blue Cap has steroids in it that can cause serious side effects and this product has been banned from sale in the U.S. But, again in limited has been effective for me.

For what its worth, I have had P. for over 10 years. Puva up till now has worked best for me. I just started Skin Cap last week (1 can)and the results have been astonishing. Curious if others have had similar results.

"An enterprising doctor imported a remarkable product-zinc pyrithione- from Spain and called it 'Skin Cap'. It caught on quickly by word of mouth for the treatment of psoriasis, because it really works. It was sold over the counter and was reasonably priced. Not surprisingly, it snowballed in popularity; so the FDA took the appropriate (for them) action: They declared Skin Cap a dangerous compound and took it off the market. A year later, a new psoriasis 'wonder drug' under the brand name Temovate was put on the market, and presto, it wasn't dangerous at all (so they say). But, it IS FDA-approved, patented by the phara giant GlaxoSmithKline, expensive, and available only by prescription (which raises the cost even further.) Get the picture?"

I have had P for 25 years and have tried everything with mixed results and it always returned. I started reading this newsgroup a few weeks ago and had never heard of skin cap. 3 Days ago I went to my local pharmacy and they had skin cap on the shelf. The pharmacist said he had several people report back to him that it really works. I bought a can of spray for $30.00 and have been using it for 3 days, twice a day. I must say I have never seen such rapid healing. Already the flaking skin is gone, patches of white are coming around the red. I'm not going to get to optimistic yet, I've been there before but the early results are pretty amazing.

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I am a veteran of about 15 years of Psoriasis and have been back and forth to the Derm many times over that period. I never really felt that I had it under control. My psoriasis is relatively light (scalp-----which I've been able to keep clear with "Tarsum" shampoo, elbows, knees, knuckles, shins). I am relatively light skinned, so the red lesions look awful. Someone who had P mentioned to my mother that they had been using Skin Cap for a number of years and they were able to keep theirs in check (i\I think they found out about it even before it was available in the US). SO........with my head to the computer, I did some searching, found this group and read about Skin Cap. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but I ordered some cans of the spray about 2 months ago. I used the spray on my knees and elbows and noticed some very quick clearing(about 2 weeks). The surrounding skin took a beating(dried out) from the spray since it contains a propellant and alcohol?? I wasn't real happy with that part of it but I hung in and ordered some cream. Once I got the areas cleared with the spray, I have been applying a light layer of cream two times a day(morning and night) and not only has it kept my areas clear but the dry spots have healed up as well. I still have some reddened areas (thinning skin) but this is from long-term steroid use. I had used all kinds of steroid products (Diprolene, Westcort, etc). I am hoping that these red areas will fade some time in the future. I can't describe what this does for my daily state-of-mind!!! Even if this is a short term solution, I am very happy with the results right now. I approach this treatment as any other...Knowing that it will not cure my psoriasis, but help me manage to control it. I will continue to use the cream and I will keep you all posted with any effects (good or bad) and I will keep my ears open for any news re: the long-term effects of this treatment.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with skincap. I also had very, very think skin from prolonged steroid use. The derm even said it would *always* be that way. After using skincap, however, I've cleared up the lesion, grown a new layer of epidermis and it's *not thin*! Look "normal" like the rest of my skin. So...hopefully your's will be too. Keep us posted. Thanks.

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