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Save Skin Cap

All the information regarding the SKIN CAP controversy

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From: Mary <> 11/13/97

I developed psoriasis when I was 18. I must say it is the most  embarrassing skin disorder one can have. When someone doesn't know  exactly what you have ask's if it's contagious while you are standing in  a grocery line, and the clerk really doesn't want to handle your money  it's a down right degrading feeling. I have been through all the  treatments the dermatologists can think of...from applying the cream and  wrapping the lesions in plastic wrap, light treatments, and the last  resort which was being placed on a cancer drug called methotrexate,  which has mild side effects and requires that you have a biopsy done  every so often. I began using the skin cap in July of this year...I used  it for about two weeks and all the lesions that I had cleared. I had NO  side effects. For the first time in 19 years I had found something that  worked with no ill side effects. All the research that has been done for  this disease and finally they have proof from users that there are no  side effects makes one wonder.....   

From: G. Goyanes  <>  11/12/97

I came upon your page while browsing the web for information about  psoriasis.  I was quite surprised to find all the testimonials on your  page with the amazing results that people were claiming to have gotten  from the use of Skin Cap.  On a fluke, I thought I'd go out and see if  there was a bottle lying around at some pharmacy here in the city and to  my amazement I found ONE.  Naturally, having read all those testimonials  I did not hesitate to pay the 31 dollars requested by the pharmacy.   I must tell you that I have tried countless numbers of creams and  ointments, but Skin Cap was the only product to completely rid me of  psoriasis which I have had for over 18 years now.  I am so content with  the product that I am going to ask my dermatologist to prescribe it with  the steroid it is purported to contain. I don't care what it has, IT  WORKS.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your web page,  you don't know what a change it has made in my life.   

From: Jack F Martin <>  11/12/97

It is the ONLY thing I have ever found to work.  As a 20 year sufferer I  have tried my share of solutions and have been disappointed by  everything except methotrexate which is not good on a long term basis.  I wore shorts this summer and actually swam for the first time in many  years.  After struggling for many years i thought the solution was  here.  I will send letters to the locations your site recommends, but  will be pursuing obtaining some through a friend of my wife who has  family in mexico.  If I locate a source I will let you know.   

From: pamela l mulder <mulder@MARSHALL.EDU>  11/12/97

I have, more than once, contacted my Senator / U S Representative to  enlist their aid when trying to handle federal concerns.  I have had  very good results from this - I have gotton speakers to come for free to  West Virginia from all over the world, big names; when my mom applied  for SSI and was told that the claim would take at least 2 months and  would probably be turned down (for a blind widow on dialysis....) my  representative got her first check to her within a week.  Student loan  problems and tax problems have been cleared almost like magic ---- 

My point is that most people do not realize that your elected officials  need to help constituents and that their staffs will go out of their way  to help us. 

Call or Email your elected officials. Explain your problem, describe  your suffering, ask for accurate information and for help in getting  what we need - SKIN CAP - NOW - OTC OR NOT! 

For folks in West Virginia - please contact Senator Robert Byrd.  His  staff has already been informed of the concerns and problems, and he is  very active in support of constituents.  But he needs to know that there  are a lot of us.   

From: "Toni Tee" <>  11/11/97

We bought some skin-cap in Holland but it seems that the formula has been changed. It smells different then our first cans of spray, and the effect is also different (we have now less result).   

From: D Stow <>  11/10/97

I am 35 year old male. I have been dealing with psoriasis approximatly 10  years now. the Patches started out smal and only a few, with the largest  being on my scalp where you couldnt see it. 

Since then it has spread and now covery approx 50% of my back, stomach, arm  and legs. 

I had just found out about skin-cap and was using it for about a month with  great results. I called to order more when I found out it had been removed  from the market. 

I would welcome any updates and e-mail you may send out. 

I will also continue to check your webpage. 

Thanks for the great job you are doing. Remmember alot of people are  relying on your information I hope you keep to the facts.   

From:  11/10/97

I am a college student suffering from psoriasis.  Not only is it an eye-sore   to my friends, but other students look and talk about me during class.  I  tried skin cap last winter and it worked wonders on my skin.  I tried to  re-order this summer but found out that I could no longer get any.  My  psoriasis cleared completly up while I used skin cap,  but now I  have it  again.  If there is another way to get skin cap please let me know.   

From: Marilyn Giardini <>  11/8/97

 I have had psoriasis for over 30 years since I was 18.  Like so many of   us, I have use light treatments, creams and ointments and many of these  products have steriods in them as they claim Skip Cap has. So what is  the big deal that the FDA has with this product taking it off the  market?  Sounds political to me doesn't it?  If the people on the FDA  council and their families had it, especially their children you can bet  it would have never been taken off the market in the first place! 

If it takes a prescription from your doctor, then let get thru the red  tape FDA and get it back on the market!!! 

From: Norm and Brenda Kujawa <>  11/6/97

Please add us to your list of people looking for Skin-Cap.  This is  unbelievable.  We just found out about the FDA problem when we went to  reorder.  Our daughter's condition improved miraculously with use of Skin-Cap.  This product needs to get back on the market.  We'll be contacting our  congressperson.  Thank you.  Let us know if more info comes out. 

From: Kathy <>  11/6/97

I just found out that Skin Cap is no longer available. I am also new to  the internet.  But after finding out it was no longer available I  decided to go on the net to see what I could find out about Psoriasis.  I am a licensed Pharmacy Technician and am informed on the latest  presciption treatments.  None of which has worked for me.  I've used the  new ointment "Tazorac" which is very expensive with no results.  It  costs over $200.00 for a 100gm tube!  Fortunately in my postion I don't  have to pay for it.  But either way it doesn't work for me.  I was just  amazed when I went on the net and saw your web page for "skin-cap".  I   am just amazed how many people used it and how many people responded.  The product was simply a miracle.  I had just mailed my check for 4 cans  on 11/2/97 and found out 2 days later it was no longer available.  So I  am having to play catch up with all your other listeners.  I have never  even responded to anything on the net before but this is something I  truely believe in.  Nova Medical in Florida said that once they receive  my check they will call me and see if I would like to substitute my  order with their replacement product.  But after reading some responses  from people who've used the replacement products I think I'll just ask  for my check back.  Thanks for the info. because I really don't need  more useless products in my medicine chest.  I'm so glad that I found  this web page because I will be back to keep up on the latest info you  have. 

From: Michael Lee Yohe <>  11/5/97

Amazingly enough, your philosophy on Skin Cap is best applied to the  rationale of cigarettes.  True, cigarettes have cancer causing agents and  have proved time and time again that those cancer causing agents have  drastic results - but hey, cigarettes make me calm down and make me fill  better.  This rationale is deadly and irresponsible. 

Your judgment on Skin Cap is very light and is mislead.  The government is  not going to prohibit the product because it contains steroids.  However  it _will_ prohibit the product as an OTC (over the counter) drug because  it contains a _high level_ amount of steroids that requires a  prescription. 

I'm sure of the few people that you talked to about Skin Cap and how it  works are just that - few.  However, if you do your research on clobetasol  proprionate it massively affects the "fight-or-flight" feature built into  the immune system. 

Have you ever talked to a one-year or two-year Skin Cap "victim"?   They're  now on drugs to stimulate their adrenal system in order to have energy.  If they were ever in a car-accident (or another dramatic situation) they  could possibly die, not because of the accident, but because their bodies  are undergoing shock that would normally be corrected provided the  clobetasol proprionate was not tampering with the "fight-or-flight"  feature. 

The long term of effects of Skin Cap are horrid.  Being a psoriasis  patient and former user of Skin Cap, I have seen with my own eyes on my  own body as well as other people who have used Skin Cap for an extended  period of time the malign effects that the drug can cause.  Your  "save-the-skin-cap" campaign is only enforcing the philosophy that is  destroying the lives of Americans everyday - "if it feels good, do it."   

From: BKOPATZ   11/4/97

       I like many psoriasis sufferers have tried many,   many medications, only to find one product that works.  I, like many  that have psoriasis have found that SKIN CAP is the only medication to  help relieve the itching, and scaling associated with psoriasis. I am  currently taking PUVA treatments, which only help to contain my  condition.  I have used many ointments, creams, and lotions that only  stain my clothes and bed sheets.  I have also used many other harmful  drugs that can cause such things as cancer.  These medications include  light treatments and also methotrexate.  I for one, am willing to risk  any side affects that SKIN CAP may cause, because it is the one and only  thing that has made my skin clear up.  I heard about SKIN CAP from my  dermatologist and he said any side affects are well worth the risk for  me when it is the only thing that seems to do any good in my case.  He  has told me to get it if at all possible, as long as I could do so  legally, and at a price that is reasonable.  Before using SKIN CAP i was  affected at about 80% of my entire body, now after using just a can I am  now only about 20% affected.  Thank you for providing this outlet to  psoriasis sufferers and I hope this letter only helps in the fight to  save SKIN CAP!!!!!!!!!  A 10 year psoriasis sufferer 

From: Anoynmous  11/4/97

I'm a NPF member and the first time I see anything about SC is in the  lastest publication, warning about the product. My trust in NPF to  be open to members on new treatments, have robbed me of even trying  this product. Al the testimonials clearly state that it a breakthrough.  I'm a sufrer for 20 years and tried anything, lately giving up on them  all. Please let me know if there is a new supplier. Please keep this  e-mail & my identity anonymous. I also think that we should abandon  NPF and setup our own mailing list.  Thanx for the help.   

From: Danilo AGRELLI <>  5 Nov 1997

I'm a 38 years old man from Milano, Italy. 

I have used skin cap and it cleared up my psoriasis except from the palms  of my hands where psoriasis is still present in small areas. 

I went to Spain in September and found out that it had been taken out of  the market but no one could tell me why. (By the way, the cost there was  about 2,600 pesetas while in Italy it costed the equivalent of 6,300  pesetas !!!!) 

My message to the people of FDA, Glaxo, local psoriasis foundations, local  governments is: give me back SKIN CAP ! 

From: von <>  11/3/97

My boyfriend has suffered from psoriasis for two years, his brothers  each at least five years, and their father, when he died, was cracked,  bleeding and flaking from every conceivable part of his body.  Skin-Cap  cleared up all three brothers' psoriasis within two weeks.  Then, it was  suddenly withdrawn from the market (as you well and painfully know), and  the flare-up my boyfriend had from the sudden withdrawal was IMMENSE !  It appears on his genitals for the first time ever, so painful that even  going to the washroom reduced him to tears; his elbows cracked so badly  that he could barely work; and of course, ignorant losers started asking  him if he had AIDS.  We've been writing letters here, and I've been  talking to (well, yelling at) plenty of people over the phone.  The only  thing I can say is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Keep writing and  calling and annoying as many people as you can.  Even if it doesn't  bring back Skin-Cap, it is amazing how mentally therapeutic it is to  yell at a government idiot. 

Good luck to everybody on their quest for this Holy Grail. 

From: Meaden & Moore <>  11/3/97

For more than 10 years I have suffered from psoriasis in varying degrees  from mildly annoying to extremely painful and bleeding. 

I have tried all kinds of topical treatments, including Temovate, and  while most gave me some relief, none ever cleared it up. Until Skin-Cap. 

Last Spring, my psoriasis had gotten so bad that I was looking forward  to a summer in long-sleeved shirts and pants and no swimming. My  mother's dermatologist (he cleared hers up with Methotrexate) told her  about Skin-Cap and she passed the information to me. While it sounded  too good to be true, it was worth a try. 

Within ONE WEEK my psoriasis was completely gone. No scars, no signs  that I had ever had psoriasis. And it stayed gone all summer.  Around September I started developing new lesions and was running low on  Skin-Cap. I call Great Lakes Pharmeceutical to stock up for the winter,  which is a traditionally painful season for me. I was devistated when no  one answered the phones and then I saw the news on the Internet that has  put me into deep despair. 

This is the greatest treatment ever invented. I don't care if it has  ACID in it. I just want some more. Please let me know what I can do to  help this cause. 

From: amcal <>  11/2/97

I agree that Skin Cap is a remrkable product that works! In the US, you  know the free world, everything revolves around money. Follow the money  trail! That is why we can no longer buy Skin Cap in the US. The FDA  message stated that if you stop using Skin Cap that your condition could  worsen. Well in my case that was the one thing in their message that was  true. My condition has and now I am in a panic. Hell, I am buying  products right and left just to try to control my flare-ups. I have  found one product that seems to be working but not as quick as Skin Cap  that I will continue to use until Skin Cap is available again, if it  ever will be! One distributor that used to sell Skin Cap felt that it  could be back in the US in a few months but not as an OTC product as  before. See what I mean, "Follow the Money Trail." Skin Cap users should  ban together and sue the hell out of the FDA for violations of our right  to choose, if that would be possible!   

From: - 10/30/97

I am 23 years old and I have had psoraisis for the last 6 years. My first  flare up was a gutate ("gumdrop" patch) type of psoraisis over my entire  body. After numerous visits to my dermatologist, which included steroid  injections, as well as applications of Lidex gel, Dovonex ointment, and a  variety of other presciption and OTC medications, my condition gradually  improved - until I stopped using the medication. 

I had lost all hope of defeating this disease and reclaiming an ordinary  life, until one day I read a newspaper ad for a revolutionary new product  guaranteed to clear up psoriasis quickly and without the risk associated with  corticosteriods.  Both desperate and admittedly skeptical at first, I ordered a can of the  skincap spray. The skincap products have far surpassed my expectations and  have been my salvation. Not only have patches of psoraisis that no other  single treatment remotely provided any relief from disappear quickly, and in  most cases permanently, upon application on skincap, I have also experienced  NO negative side effects from its use. 

I encourage the FDA to approve skincap as an effective and safe treatment for  this skin disorder suffered by over 6 million Americans such as myself, even  if skincap is only made available via presciption. No other product I have  ever used has produced the level of results provided by skincap products in  restoring the quality of life and controlling this devastating disease. 

From: Joan <> -- 10/30/97

Thanks for all the info on SKIN CAP.  I am also a psoriasis sufferer and  have been for over 20 years.  You name it, I've tried it.  I was devastated when I  found out I couldn't get SKIN CAP any longer.  The first relief I've had in my  entire life vanished before my eyes. 

I live in Canada and SKIN CAP has been pulled off the shelves here as  well. What I don't understand is why the product can't be made available to  those who want it (in a prescription form of course)?  I will be calling the  numbers listed on your web page and will keep you informed. 

In the meantime, I'm looking for skin cap spray.  If anyone has some  for sale, I'm interested.  Getting it across the border into Canada is  another issue.   

From: -- 10/28/97

I was fortunate to get a can of Skin Cap and found it to be the most  usefull treatment that I've ever used for my psoriasis condition. 

 I've read the entries in the "Home Page" and I think that the letter   from Glaxo Welcome marketting manager to the Phamacists is the lowest  form of marketting I've seen.  I now know which labels to avoid when  shopping for drugs in future. 

From: "Allen Basa" <> 10/27/97

I have been suffering from psoiasis for about 10 years now;  I am 20  years old.  When I was a child, I only had a couple of patches of  psoriasis.  Recently however (last 3 or 4 years), the psoriasis has  spread a lot.  I have not been able to stop or even slow its growth.  One day I decided to look on the internet for any answers, when suddenly  I saw this thing called skin cap.  I was reading all of the results from  those extreme sufferers, and was amazed.  I was looking forward to  purchasing some, but now I found out that it isn't even available  anymore.  I will pay almost anything to get rid of this skin disorder.  So can you please add me to the list, and point me to the most  affordable source.  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Thanks a lot!   

From: Geoffrey Wildman <> 10/22/97

First let me say thank you for taking the time to get a page together for  all of us who are searching desperately for the skin cap products. I only  recently found out about the product and tried a single can. Boy was i  amazed at how well this stuff works! I've heard all the doctor speak i  can stomach about how we have to live with this skin afliction forever.  HOGWASH! This stuff really works, and I'm not going to let a  pharmaceutical conspiracy take what works away from me. 

Like everyone I've ever talked with, that has psoriasis, I'm tired of  "greasing" myself up several times a day. This stuff works, and I want  to do whatever I can to make it available for everyone to use. Most of  us are adults and are capable of making medical decisions for  ourselves. WE're the one who have to live with the stares, not the  beuracrats in Washington! LET THOSE WHO SUFFER DECIDE! 

From: Carl Samrock <> - 10/22/97

 At last. Some reasonable communication about a very unreasonable situation.    Unless I'M missing something, everybody else seems to be missing some  important points.   Does the FDA and Glaxo allege that Skin Cap contains the same amount or  less steroids than Temovate?  If the answer is the same amount or less (or  more for that matter), then why can't the FDA simply clear the usage of  Skin Cap? 

THE most important point is that you use 18,000,000 times less of Skin Cap  than you do of Temovate. 

I've schmeared Temovate daily on my ecsema spots. It provides some relief  but nowhere near the effectiveness of a quick schpritz (schmear and  schpritz are medical terms, I want you to know) of Skin Cap, of which I am  an ardent admirer like all your other letter writers. 

I am using up the one can I have (it's taking forever, fortunately,  because, I repeat, I use very little very effectively). But when I run out  I'm doomed, thanks to your letters regarding the substitutes, because those  look like a big fakeout. 

 Why isn't this being resolved in a timely fashion?   There is no question  the whole thing is a business/political strategy, whatever you want to call  it, on the part of Glaxo. 

 If the FDA would simply regulate this product, steroids or no, there would  be relief for thousands of people who are far worse off than I am (I know  one in particular, a little boy, who suffers terribly). 

 Thanks for your continued information.   

From: Mike Newman -- 10/22/97

I've been a Psoriasis sufferer for about ten years and as you mentioned in  previous articles I''ve tried all the different creams and sprays out there.  Even the sun tan booth for weeks on end. Nothing seemed to have any success.  Then I tried some Skin Cap and within days I saw improvement and within 2  weeks I was almost completely cleared up. Then when I tried to re-order I was  shocked to find out that it was turned down by the FDA.           By the way I have Psoriasis on about 40% of my body so you know the  discomfort and embarresment it causes. Any reliable sources to order would be  greatly appreciated. 

From: Tracy - 10/22/97

As with all of the other skin-cap users who have written you letters, my  husband has seen dramatic results in usin skin-cap on his psoriasis.  It is  the only product that he has found that works and we are very disappointed  with the FDA ban.  Our concern at this point is that we are visiting a cousin  in Mexico in the near future and have asked her if the skin-cap is accessible  where she lives.  It is no problem for her to order in quite a bit of it,  which is wonderful news for us, but in reading about the FDA ban, it says  that the border crossings have been alerted about skin-cap.  How tricky would  it be to bring small or large quantities of this back into the US?  Will they  be checking for this?  Any advice on this matter would be appreciated! 

From: "Ms. Philomena Jones" <> - 10/22/97

These skin disorders have such potential for interfering with a person's  emotional, social, and physical and mental life.  I agree that Cheminova  must be responsible to report the contentents of their product  accurately.  I think, though about the Hippocratic admonition to "first, do no   harm," and see that on this one the pendulum swings both ways.  While I see   nobody on the site reporting personal experience of serious side effects (self  included), think of  the collective suffering as their symptoms recur in  those whom Glaxo and the FDA have affected.  I guess pharmaceutical  executives don't take the Hippocratic Oath.   

From: Kevin Cabral <> - 10/22/97

 What a shock it was to find out that skin-cap is no longer available, this  was just as big a shock to me as when I first started using skin-cap and  realized that there was something that worked. My skin had cleared up and  remained clear for weeks without using skin-cap. I would only use it when I  had a flare-up. This was something I felt good about and could live with  this was in my opinion the next best thing to a cure. It is my contention  that a cure does exist but there is more money to be made by the huge  profit driven pharmaceutical companies to just keep selling expensive  creams as a band-aid approach so you keep coming back. If they are going to  make money off the western medicine system of just selling band-aids now  wonder they are afraid of a product like skin-cap. Why, because it works  and with it around who needs the rest of the creams and ointments. Steroids  or no steroids let it be available so people can make there own choice.  Cigarettes can kill you yet there still sold. Alcohol can kill you and its  still sold and I could go on and on. We don't have Skin-cap because it will  hurt the Big Money Company not because it might hurt the user.  Lastly, I want to comment on how great your web-site is.   

From: "Hofkirchner Hubertus J." <> - 10/22/97

I have been a user of skincap spray for 7 years, no problems ever.  I came across the spray in Spain through an ad showing a very red  inflamed condition similar to what I had been suffering with increasing  seriousness since being 18 for more than 10 years. Neurodermatitis first  on wrists, inner ellbows, forearms, some psoriasis in the hair, later on  eyelids, fingers, outside of hand, inside the knee. At the time, nothing  worked, fattening creams, rays, I had even used cortisone Intensively  several times and the condition always returned within two to three  weeks.  Using skincap spray, within one or two weeks I was better than I'had  ever been, after two months I realised I did not need to spray anymore,  the condition was gone for several months.  In the last 6 3/4 of these years I only had to use the spray once every  couple of months for a week or so to get rid of new patches.  Only ONCE I experienced problems: In year two or so I ordered new cans,  which simply did not do anything to help. I called and was told that was  a "failed" batch , I received a good batch without paying again. Since  then every spray ordered has worked. 

From: "Rolokom" <> - 10/22/97

My name is Sergey. Don't be surprised that I'm writing to you from an ex-USSR republic of Estonia. It's a WORLD WIDE Web, and psoriasis is also world wide. I really appreciate what and how you have done to save skin cap. I myself suffer psoriasis since I was 18, that is half of my life. First, when I was young and, so to say, fresh to the illness, I took various treatments, ointments, ultra-violet and baths. But very soon I started realizing it was all in vain. My only hope was that in the future new and more effective medicines would be discovered. I learned to live with psoriasis, and you know what that kind of life means. For example, not to frighten a barber, I always had my hair cut by my relatives. I did not go to the doctors, but tried various medicines which appeared from time to time. I tried many, from old Soviet to newer, imported from Britain, Sweden or Denmark, and all in vain. Some 2 years ago I read about another new medicine Skin-Cap in a newspaper while I stayed with my parents in St Petersburg (Leningrad). I decided to try it though it was costly, because I was already tired of psoriasis, and because I felt more and more uncomfortable about the thoughts which my wife and children should have when they see me naked. Without really much believing in the success, I applied skin cap spray, and it worked, and - it was so miraculous! And T-shirts and beaches became available for me! I felt as if I were freed from a long term imprisonment of some kind. 

But recently my Pointcast brought me information that this miraculous medicine had been withdrawn from sale in the USA because of some "side effects". I have not had any side effects myself (except the feeling of restored self-confidence), but I was worried and started searching the Internet for further details. That's how I found your site (which by itself is perfect in all aspects). I was stunned to learn how many people felt similar to what I felt after Skin Cap. Truly speaking I have never before had a chance to discuss the illness with co-sufferers. What's more, I understood that it's up for us now to say our word and let it be heard. 

First of all I want to say that I learned about the Skin Cap from an article, not a commercial ad. The article was written, I remember it very well, by a leading physician of a dermatologist hospital in St Petersburg. He wrote that Skin Cap was offered for them for testing, and they carried out a series of tests about its effects. He never mentioned that they discovered "side effects" during their tests, but warned the medicine contained corticosteroids (I still don't know what it is). If this can help, I could try and find the article with the name of the physician and his hospital during my planned trip to St Petersburg in December. We then would be able to apply to them with a request for information if they observed harmful side effects for their patients. I don't want to say now that they proved Skin Cap was safe (any medicine could be dangerous if overdozed), but they tested it on patients and recommended it for sale in Russia. 

Another thing which seemed important to me after visiting your site. I heard that about 3% of the world's population suffer from psoriasis. It's a huge amount. I wonder if you in America have already got any kind of organization to help protect your rights and interests. Maybe, time came to start a specific international movement, or an NGO, to jointly solve problems which we all face? You struggle against the ban on selling Skin Cap, we here in Estonia as well as in many other countries do not have it on sale at all. But I don't mean only Skin Cap, but all the medical and social problems. By all means our voice would be better heard if we are united, like the movement against the land antipersonnel mines.     

From: Debbie Nutz -- 10/21/97

Thanks so much for your page!!!!  I have had psoriasis for 15 years.  Skin cap is the only thing that works. 

For those of you looking for skin cap,  I was able to find a coulple of  cans by calling my local pharmacies.  Not all of them have heard that it  is recalled.   I was sure not going to tell them. 

My question is does anyone know if the shampoo helps when used with the  spray? 

From: "Izzie" <> -- 21 Oct 1997

Please keep up the fight, we need the product.  I have been suffering with psoriosis for 20 years, and this is the first  time that I was able to go to the beach when everyone else was there!! I  can not tell you the joy of walking around in short sleeves this summer. I  forgot what that felt like. Or not to be embarassed in front of my wife and  kids.    FINALLY!  something that works.  We must get skincap back, ASAP.  It can't possibly be any worse than any of the (expensive & usless) crap  that the pharmacutical world is flooding the market with.  Thanx once again, and good luck. 

From: Doug Binkley <> -- 10/21/97

     You are doing such a good thing, that I must thank you  from the bottom of my heart.  My story is similar to the others in  the testimonials, but I suffered for only about 5 years.  Now only  time will tell if the suffering will come back, horrible red welts  that made my life a living hell because of the pain every time I would  walk, bend, sit, or even shift my weight. 

    I cannot believe even our government is so shortsighted.  I, myself, am willing, if the injustice continues long enough, to  send letters, emails, whatever it takes, to make things uncomfortable  for the FDA and the politicians, including the President and Vice-  President.  Please keep your site going. You are someone of great  courage and integrity.   

From: -- 10/20/97

My dad has very severe psoriasis.. he is really desparate, I have p as  well, but on a much smaller scale.  I would really like to get my hands on  skin cap.  At this point, (my dad is 66) he would rather take the chance with the  steroids and their side effects than to live like this... There is not  one  inche of his body that is not covered.   

From Carrie -- 10/20/97

I was desperate to find skin cap as well. I still would like to find it  because it was the best!!! but I've recently started tazorac, and have  to give it a while. Keep me posted, if this tazorac doesn't work, I'd  love to get my hands on the cap. 

PS. I ran out before even hearing about the FDA recall, so I had to go  off cold turkey. My skin totally flaired. It is so bad now. I was  actually in the ER today for what turns out to be an staph infection  from an infected plaque on my scalp. My head throbbed and neck was sore,  I thought I had menengitis!   

From: Robin Howard <> -- 10/20/97

As a psoriasis sufferer and one-time user of Skin Cap, I too am  interested in returning Skin Cap to the US market but only if it is  safe. Your website indicates that Skin Cap has returned to the market in  the Netherlands. While Cheminova would like you to believe that, it is  not true. In the interests of accuracy and balance, I suggest you  include the attached fax which the Dutch authorities sent to the NPF in  the pages of your Website.   

From: Peter Mechlin <> - 10/20/97

Suffering with psoriasis for almost 20 years UNTIL I stumbled across  "Skin-Cap".  The DOCTORS told me Oh Well! you have psoriasis and there   is nothing that is successful in treating the condition.  Again and  again I was told this by doctors, again and again I tried AND PAID, AND  PAID, FOR THEIR UNSUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PRESCRIBING  UNSUCCESSFUL MEDICATIONS to mitigate the condition. 


I had reduced my application of the medication to almost nothing and my  skin was clear for the first time in over a decade.  The thick pads of  red scaly skin on my knees, calf and elbows was gone!!!!!!!!  It took  about 2 months for the miracle to occur, then it stayed gone for months  with just an occasional, and I do mean occasional, application. 

NOW I can't get the stuff!  What the FDA has done is criminal, and  should it prove that Skin-Cap is not guilty of its "crime", please  contact me as a participant in the class action suit or any other such  action related to punishing those organizations, companies or  individuals that have colluded in taking away this EFFECTIVE remedy!   

From: -- 10/20/97

I was taking tegison stopped when using skin cap. Sure didn't realize the  side effects of Tegison but now sure do, loss of hair, dry skin mouth and  lips and draining of the ears.  Sure don't think skin cap can be any worse  then the enternal drugs.  Have also used mtx which gave me liver damage.   Sure would like to get some skin cap because my skin is flaring and when it  does i can count on 95% body coverage. So please put my name on the list.   

From Pauline Mariany -- 10/20/97

Hi....I cannot tell you how wonderful your site is!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am  actually one of the nuts who has purchased Skin Cap from Herbs the Natural  Alternative Center and yes they are charging $79.95 per can!!!!  But my  husband suffers and there is no amount of money I won't pay to see him smile. 

About the  supplier in Mexico.  I did call them and they are not selling   anything to people from the US at the moment.  I was told they are out of  stock and would resume selling when the FDA told them it was ok.  It also  took me 4 or 5 people before I could find someone who understood English  well enough (I unfortunately do not speak Spanish).  I gave them my  telephone number and name and was told they would contact me when they  could begin to sell the product again. 

Just a note to help you update your readers. 

I sure hope they get this straightened out soon......Skin Cap is the ONLY  thing that has ever helped my husband and he is covered over about 60% of  his body.  With winter coming upon us I just could not wait for the FDA to  get it right and so I'm paying the $80 per can. 

Keep up the good work.   

From: -- 19 Oct 1997

Just found your site. Great info. Keep up the terrific work. Any ideas when  the controversy started by these children is expected to be resolved? 

Skin-Cap has been a MIRACLE for me and I'm taking steps to get more, by  whatever means. 10 cans (over 2 months) kept me clear for 7-8 months. 100%  clear. 

Even if it does contain clobetasol, so what??? So does Temovate which I'm  using now, AFTER PAYING THE DOC $40 AND $62 FOR TEMOVATE. *** GET REAL ***. 

Sent a letter to the NPF after I found out about their involvement. You don't  want to know the contents. 

Now I got a tube of Temovate. Doesn't work good at all. Does Glaxo care? Ban  those bastards. 

Keep me informed on the latest, I'd appreciate it.   

From Lew Cohen -- 19 Oct 1997

No you're not crazy.  I am a long term psoriasis sufferer and found  virtually perfect relief with skin cap and no help with anything else.  In addition my skin is very sensitive to corticosteroids.  I can attest  to the fact that either there is no steroid in Skin Cap or that there is  a "perfect" dosage that only seems to clear the skin without having any  other effect. The clones don't work.  Bring back Skin Cap! 

Incidently, I'd be pleased to see Skin Cap available only as a  prescription preparation.  Then my health insurance company would help  with the cost. Here's another case of the FDA hurting the people that  it's supposed to protect.  I can get methatrexate or PUVA for the asking  but I can't get Skin Cap.   

From: Patty Wright -- 18 Oct 1997

Skin cap is the only product that has worked on my severe eczema. (I know you  have heard that statement berfore, but it's true!). I have ordered another  zinc pyrithione product in a pump spray, but it is not effective at all. I  can only surmise that I cannot tolerate the alcohol base of that product. 

Please let me know where I can get more Skin Cap - I think I would even go to  Spain if I had to!!   

From Malocka Mellett -- 18 Oct 1997

I think skin-cap is the best I've ever used and I've used alot of  medicines.  I've tried DermaZinc and i think it stinks,It dreies my skin and just  simply does not work.  I've tried beef tally, also Tempavate,steroid shots.tanning beds,I've  tried cleaning products that was said to work,Ive tried psoracon.Ive  been through alot of medicines and alot of money and the only thing I've  found to work is skin-cap.If  the FDA dosn't want us to us skin-cap then  they need to find a CURE.   

From: -- 18 Oct 1997

I received a shipment of Skin-Cap a few weeks ago, sent by my parents in  Holland.  I contacted a pharmacist in my home town in Holland. It was no problem at all  to order it for me, but the next day he called me back informing me that it  is very difficult for them to ship it, because of all the paperwork that's  necessary with customs. So, I had one of my relatives pick-it up from the  pharmacy and mail it to me by regular air-mail. The charge was 50.00 Dutch  Guilders per can plus about 4.00 Guilders per can for stamps. That's the  equivalent of about $27.50 per can. 

I have been using the Dutch version of Skin-Cap now for about two weeks, and  I am very disappointed, as it does not have the same result as the US version  of Skin-Cap. My psoriasis has not cleared-up at all, and it actually has  gotten worse. 

I believe that the Dutch version of Skin-Cap is different. It also smells  different. When I was in Holland this past summer, I talked with a  pharmasyst, who explained to me that it was determined that the steroids were  in the old version of the product, and that was the reason it was removed  from the market over there. The manufacturer agreed with the Dutch Government  to change the composition of Skin-Cap i.e., produce it without the steroids,  and that's why it was allowed back on the market.  This gives me reason to believe that Skin-Cap in the US does contain the  steroids as alleged. 

The BOTTOM LINE for me is, however, when I started using Skin-Cap (US  version) this last April, my skin cleared in less than a week. I have been  suffering from psoriasis for about 25 years. I want Skin-Cap back on the  market here with the same ingredients as before. BECAUSE IT WORKS AND I JUST  HAD A WONDERFUL SUMMER WITH CLEAR SKIN, AND I WAS HAPPY TO GO TO THE BEACH  AND POOLS, AND FITNESS CENTERS, AND I WAS NOT EMBARESSED IN LOCKER ROOMS. I  FEALT HAPPIER AND HAD A MORE POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE,  INCLUDING MY FAMILY. WHEN YOU FEEL HAPPY AND HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, YOU'RE  OVERALL HEALTH IMPROVES AS WELL. 


Thanks for all your efforts and making this wonderful website available to us  psoriasis sufferers.   

From: Wyatte and Brandy Copeland -- 17 Oct 1997

Finally a product that actually worked. My husband used the product in very  small dosages and his skin condition has cleared up.  Not only has it  helped the actual skin but it has changed his mentality about this  misunderstood skin condition.  LET US KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET IT!!! 

From: --  Fri, 17 Oct 1997

First let me tell you that I printed all your WebSite and showed to everybody  here and they are very impressed and glad to see your hard work.  Congratulations! I had one idea that may make a real difference. One of the  reasons why Skin-Cap was taken out of the market, was because of the huge media  awareness telling about the terrible side effects that could happen to people  using Skin-Cap, even if after 10 years in the market world wide nobody heard  about anybody that had any kind of side effects, on the contrary, just happy  people. This maybe had forced the FDA to take it out of the market without  knowing the truth about it and is blocking the chance of allowing it back, even  if a reputable laboratory showed there was nothing wrong with the Formula! We  have around 10 thousand customers and never had any complaints about the  product. What if beside sending the letters to the FDA, NPF, Doctors,etc...,  you ask all these people to write to important people on the Media that would  do a real investigation about it. Imagine if Barbara Walters, Larry King,  Howard Stern, people on Hard Copy etc... receive 5 thousand letters about real  Skin-Cap users and their amazing stories, before and after pictures and decide  to see if this is just a matter of politics, money, or whatever. You know  yourself that one thing nobody can deny, Skin-Cap is one of the only products  that really works and changed the life of millions of people. Even if it has  steroids, 90% of the products for severe skin disorders have steroids! So what  ? As you said yourself, even if it has, maybe it is just the case of changing  the way of using it , with medical supervision, for a short period of time,  sold by prescription, whatever... What about if they discover a cure for aids  that use steroids? It is better to let people suffer or even die because of it?  If they take Skin-Cap out of the market for good, how long it is going to take  to have a harmless product the will really work and aloud people that use long  sleaves for 50 years to be able to go to the beach without feeling embarassed  about the appearance of their skin? Maybe the Media is really the only way of  fighting this big war !  Think about it and let me know. Good luck! 

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