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Save Skin Cap

All the information regarding the SKIN CAP controversy

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From: Patty Wright -- 18 Oct 1997

Skin cap is the only product that has worked on my severe eczema. (I know you  have heard that statement berfore, but it's true!). I have ordered another  zinc pyrithione product in a pump spray, but it is not effective at all. I  can only surmise that I cannot tolerate the alcohol base of that product. 

Please let me know where I can get more Skin Cap - I think I would even go to  Spain if I had to!!   

From Malocka Mellett -- 18 Oct 1997

I think skin-cap is the best I've ever used and I've used alot of  medicines.  I've tried DermaZinc and i think it stinks,It dreies my skin and just  simply does not work.  I've tried beef tally, also Tempavate,steroid shots.tanning beds,I've  tried cleaning products that was said to work,Ive tried psoracon.Ive  been through alot of medicines and alot of money and the only thing I've  found to work is skin-cap.If  the FDA dosn't want us to us skin-cap then  they need to find a CURE.   

From: -- 18 Oct 1997

I received a shipment of Skin-Cap a few weeks ago, sent by my parents in  Holland.  I contacted a pharmacist in my home town in Holland. It was no problem at all  to order it for me, but the next day he called me back informing me that it  is very difficult for them to ship it, because of all the paperwork that's  necessary with customs. So, I had one of my relatives pick-it up from the  pharmacy and mail it to me by regular air-mail. The charge was 50.00 Dutch  Guilders per can plus about 4.00 Guilders per can for stamps. That's the  equivalent of about $27.50 per can. 

I have been using the Dutch version of Skin-Cap now for about two weeks, and  I am very disappointed, as it does not have the same result as the US version  of Skin-Cap. My psoriasis has not cleared-up at all, and it actually has  gotten worse. 

I believe that the Dutch version of Skin-Cap is different. It also smells  different. When I was in Holland this past summer, I talked with a  pharmasyst, who explained to me that it was determined that the steroids were  in the old version of the product, and that was the reason it was removed  from the market over there. The manufacturer agreed with the Dutch Government  to change the composition of Skin-Cap i.e., produce it without the steroids,  and that's why it was allowed back on the market.  This gives me reason to believe that Skin-Cap in the US does contain the  steroids as alleged. 

The BOTTOM LINE for me is, however, when I started using Skin-Cap (US  version) this last April, my skin cleared in less than a week. I have been  suffering from psoriasis for about 25 years. I want Skin-Cap back on the  market here with the same ingredients as before. BECAUSE IT WORKS AND I JUST  HAD A WONDERFUL SUMMER WITH CLEAR SKIN, AND I WAS HAPPY TO GO TO THE BEACH  AND POOLS, AND FITNESS CENTERS, AND I WAS NOT EMBARESSED IN LOCKER ROOMS. I  FEALT HAPPIER AND HAD A MORE POSITIVE ATTITUDE TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE,  INCLUDING MY FAMILY. WHEN YOU FEEL HAPPY AND HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, YOU'RE  OVERALL HEALTH IMPROVES AS WELL. 


Thanks for all your efforts and making this wonderful website available to us  psoriasis sufferers.   

From: Wyatte and Brandy Copeland -- 17 Oct 1997

Finally a product that actually worked. My husband used the product in very  small dosages and his skin condition has cleared up.  Not only has it  helped the actual skin but it has changed his mentality about this  misunderstood skin condition.  LET US KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET IT!!! 

From: --  Fri, 17 Oct 1997

First let me tell you that I printed all your WebSite and showed to everybody  here and they are very impressed and glad to see your hard work.  Congratulations! I had one idea that may make a real difference. One of the  reasons why Skin-Cap was taken out of the market, was because of the huge media  awareness telling about the terrible side effects that could happen to people  using Skin-Cap, even if after 10 years in the market world wide nobody heard  about anybody that had any kind of side effects, on the contrary, just happy  people. This maybe had forced the FDA to take it out of the market without  knowing the truth about it and is blocking the chance of allowing it back, even  if a reputable laboratory showed there was nothing wrong with the Formula! We  have around 10 thousand customers and never had any complaints about the  product. What if beside sending the letters to the FDA, NPF, Doctors,etc...,  you ask all these people to write to important people on the Media that would  do a real investigation about it. Imagine if Barbara Walters, Larry King,  Howard Stern, people on Hard Copy etc... receive 5 thousand letters about real  Skin-Cap users and their amazing stories, before and after pictures and decide  to see if this is just a matter of politics, money, or whatever. You know  yourself that one thing nobody can deny, Skin-Cap is one of the only products  that really works and changed the life of millions of people. Even if it has  steroids, 90% of the products for severe skin disorders have steroids! So what  ? As you said yourself, even if it has, maybe it is just the case of changing  the way of using it , with medical supervision, for a short period of time,  sold by prescription, whatever... What about if they discover a cure for aids  that use steroids? It is better to let people suffer or even die because of it?  If they take Skin-Cap out of the market for good, how long it is going to take  to have a harmless product the will really work and aloud people that use long  sleaves for 50 years to be able to go to the beach without feeling embarassed  about the appearance of their skin? Maybe the Media is really the only way of  fighting this big war !  Think about it and let me know. Good luck! 


Originally, I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. After about two years, my  dermatologists changed it to Pityriasis Ruba Polaris (PRP).  Similar to  Psoriasis, harder to get rid of.  I too have tried countless ointments, tars  and lotions.  The effectiveness of these products were decreasing.  My doctor   suggested Tegison.  I was on and off this medication for one year.  I have   seen better looking chemotherapy patients.  If you want proof you can look at  my passport.  I can't imagine Skin Cap being anymore harmful to my body than  that. 

I was at a point where I would try anything to get better.  I told my parents   that I would go to a witch doctor if I thought it would help.  Family  funtions were becoming more and more uncomfortable, feeling the awkward  stares explaining to my neices why I had sugar in my hair. 

Through a strange bit of luck, I came across the miracle drug known as Skin  Cap.  This summer was amazing.  I vaguely remember feeling so normal, it had   been years.  Not only did I feel normal, but I felt healthy.  I felt  stronger, sharper and attractive.  I hadn't felt attractive in a long time. 

PRP had taken over about 95% of my body.  By August, after six months of Skin   Cap, I had some on my hands and feet.  What a great feeling.  Then my miracle   drug got pulled off the market.  I feel it coming back.  I just got back from   my dermatologist, she's going to see about finding some Skin Cap for me.  In  the meantime, you guessed it, more ointments and lotions. 

I remember thinking many times how I would not wish this curse on anyone.   Right now, I wish this on those people at Glaxo for doing this to me again.   What have I done to them???  I want them to know what it feels like to be   depressed and feel like a mutant.  I want them to scratch all night long,  worrying about waking up their spouse, getting little or no sleep. 

Bring back my Skin Cap, it can't be any worse than Tegison, and it works.   

From Alberta Cody:



From Christopher Mellet:

my wife has been looking for something to take away the  pain and red  patches of this terrible skin disease. why is it when so much time,  money, and effort is spent on finding cures ( or reliefs ), on something  that when they finally find SOMETHING, that someone has to screw it all  up!!!  this is NOT something to take lightly!!!   


Skin Cap is the first thing since injections that has cleared up my  psoriasis entirely.  I ran out of it a month or so ago and the psoriasis  is creeping back.  (I have a relatively minor case, but very annoying  nonetheless.) 

Good work on your web site!  Keep up the fight.  Hopefully, Skin Cap  will be proven to be relatively harmless. 

From Jean Laplante:

I am a 47 year old male, and have been suffering from psoriasis since  the age of 25. Like everyone, I have tried just about anything avalable,  but nothing seems to work, exept for SKIN-CAP.  I started using it in  May, and by June, for the first time in years, I felt good enough to go  to the public pool with my children.  I would love to be able to go next  year, but without SKIN-CAP, I don't think it will be possible.  Since it  was removed from the market, psoriasis has started to creep back onto my  body. Here in Montreal summer is gone, but if it was summer now, you  would not see at the pool. 

 One more thing, there are some medications that I have tried in the  past, and when I did , I got all the side effects possible, but they did  nothing for the psoriasis, and they are still on the market today.  When  I used SKIN-CAP, psoriasis melted away, and I had no side effects.   

From -- 10/14:

I'd like to say that SKIN CAP IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS HELPED my condition!!  I've been to SEVERAL dermatologists and NOTHING they did helped, and it was at a great   cost to me--prescriptions especially and very frustrating not to have them work. 

I don't use a large amount, just enough to keep the problem under control,and  I am OUT of the product!  I tried to reorder today and the # was disconnected. 


From Kathy -- 10/12:

I have tried skin-cap and steriod injections  straight into each leason and or patch which works fairly well but painful. I  have tried skin-cap and it is so easy and painless. I want more!!!!!!!!!!!! 

From R. Lopardo -- 10/11:



From Darrin and Carrie Foddrell -- 10/11:

Skin cap has really been a blesseing to me!!.  I appreciate this product.   Severe skin problems are in my family .  This is the one product that has really helped!!! 

From Deb Church -- 10/10:

I am so glad to have finally found you! I have been frantically  communicating with various agencies to BEG for more of this product and  so far the most helpfull persons have been in Austrailia! Here in Canada  I've been getting the beaurocratic run-around.   After suffering with psoriasis for more than 20 years with  approximately 85% coverage (including scalp and nails), I tried Skin Cap  for the first time this spring. After years of assorted tar and  cortisone based creams, extended periods of UVB (which only served to  burn and further dry my skin), plus extended useage of Tegison and  Soriatane without relief (and incurring some transient side effects  along the way), I was amazed to see such a rapid and SUSTAINED clearing  of my skin!!! I began to notice that I was able to move freely without  the skin ripping open those thick patches. I became more free in my  manner of dress and able to be more spontaneous and lighthearted than I  can ever remember. It was the first time that I ever realized just how  trulely debillitating this disease had become for me.   Then, without warning, they pulled it off the shelves citing an  unlisted corticosteroid as the reason for the recall. Are These People  Crazy ??? Don't they know what rapid cortisone withdrawal does to a  person ?? Don't they realise that to a psoriasis patient longterm  topical steroid therapy is their only and safest recourse anyways????  For myself, my only other options are Methotrexate or  Cyclosporine....neither of wich is a safe venture for a person with my  history of renal failure but the only recourse open to me if Skin Cap is  denied.   FLAIR ????? What a beauty I am in the middle of right now. In just over  a month, I have surpassed the previous 85% coverage with a lovely new  Guttae Type coverage witch is promising to calm down to an even thicker  overall plaque. Do I sound ANGRY??? You bet! I percieve that it is  probably an improvement over the deep and threatening depression that I  first felt at IT'S return... but that depression lies just under the  surface.   I wish that I could do more than just complain, but every effort of  mine has been blocked. Spain (the origional source and producer) has the  products but is being blocked in exporting it and recently a memo to the  Customs People was circulated over the net, the contents of which had  those workers on the lookout for any of this medication entering the  country to be seized at customs. So much for the idea of travelling  anywhere to buy it for yourself!    With any luck at all, these responses may get "the powers that be " to   move a little quicker. Meanwhile I will gladly speak with anyone  necessary to obtain more Skin Cap....with my Physician's support if  necessary. Please keep me " in the loop"....   

From Laura: 10/10:


From Pamela Mulder -- 10/9:

For a little while I got to remember what it felt like to look nice, to  have real skin that people didn't stare at.  This page helps, because it  helps to know I am not the only person who is sitting here cracking and  bleeding and turning back into a fish that can't even swim in public.  But it wrong for any of us to be put through this. 

From Jody in MA -- 10/9:

SC was the ONLY thing that even remotely hepled our daughter with severe scalp P.  

From Jill Hat -- 10/8:

I have had psoriasis for 2 years, my freind recommended me to use skin  cap and after 4 days it was nearly gone.  I have now been able to keep  it under control with periodic use.  I agree that consumers should be  aware of what is in the product they are purchasing.  If in fact it does  contain steroids or whatever, then so be it.  It doesn't change the fact  that it works and for those people who don't have psoriasis they can't  seem to understand, no matter what is in it, it saves persons like  myself and many others many sleepless nites due to itching & the  embarrasment of flaking. I would think that the NPF would be adimant  about getting it back on the market, no matter what it contains.  If we  have to get by precription then that's okay to.  The NPF should be  acting on our behalf as well as the general consumer.  The NPF & the FDA  should get re-focused to get Skin Cap back on the market regardless of  whats in it.  People like us depend on Skin Cap for our own personal  sanity at times.   

From Richard Jamar -- 10/8:

I am just another one of the psoriasis sufferers who this past summer could  wear shorts, short sox and short sleeve shirts for the first time in many  many years...thanks to Skin-Cap. Totally clear body without side effects.  Lets do what is necessary to bring it back.   

From -- 10/8:

I think skin cap is the best treatment on the market.  the methotrexate made   me feel awful and I would have needed a liver biopsy had I stayed on it  longer.  Skin Cap has completely cleared me but I still get flare ups while  using it-does anyone else.  Also does anyone get a reaction to the sun while  using it?  I called the Mexico number and they are sending me an order form-I  hope it works out.  If it does I will let all of you know.-NArnold741-write  me and let me know. 

From Kathy Huff -- 10/7:

I also suffer from psoriasis.  I used the so called wonder drug  temovate, I never received any improvement.  I have had this for four  years now, and the only medication that has showed any kind of  significant improvement was the skincap.  The changes started within 12  hrs with no side effects. Just when it is totally under control they  pull it from the market.  In my opinion Glaxo Welcome is just in it for  the greed of money. They don't care if you are cured because they want  you to keep buying their product.  If it worked would be one thing but  it doesn't so they strike at something that does and they're upset  because they don't have it. From now on I will not buy a medication  produced by Glaxo Welcome. If any new news comes out about skincap  product please let me know.   

From Joshua Henderson -- 10/6:

This is something that surprisingly no one has written about yet.  My wife  has had eczema all her life, and has tried many so called solutions like  many others have.  The product Skin-Cap completly cleared up her skin also,  and I do mean completly.  I have to tell you that it was not only amazing  for her, but for me as well.  I don't know if we even care if there is steroids in Skin-Cap because it is  the only product that has truly worked.  I don't care who gets the money  from us because both pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of  helping people they are in the business of making money(Glaxo, case in  point).  I applaud your stand on this issue and the way you chose to convey it.  I  hope and pray that there will be a quick resolution to all of this and wish  all of you good luck.   

From Jim V. -- 10/7:

My cousin and I suffer from Psoriasis and have been for years. I have taken  Alpha Keri baths and washed with Pine Tar soap - N.F.G!!! I've tried  temovate, Diproline, Dovonex (sorry about any incorrect spelling) till I  can see the veins in my arms from thinning skin. Nothing works. My cousin  informed me about Skin Cap and for the first time in 10 years was able to  go to the beach, wear tank tops and shorts and really start to enjoy my  summers. How many times have people, who dont know what you are suffering  from, ask," aren't you hot in those jeans and long sleeved shirt in this  90+ july?". Well, I was sweating my ass off. I didnt want anyone to know I  have Psoriasis because it's no eye candy! Skin cap worked so good and in  such a short amount of time, I  went out and got a tattoo and didnt have  any problems with it. My arms and legs are a mess again and parts of my  face are flairing up. I need help. I will be trying a product called exorex  and praying this will work if skincap doesnt come back. 

I dont care if the magic ingredient is monkey shit! All I know is Skin cap  works and brought some dignity back into my life.   

From Don Vanemon -- 10/7:

just to let you know i used skin cap for over a year (about 15 mo.) and was  clear for the first time in 16 yr.  i had no side afects using skin cap. we need this   product back even if its with a prescription. 

From Holly Laibson -- 10/6:

I, like many others, found that it worked wonderfully and I am very upset that it has been  taken off the market 

From David Tozer -- 10/5:

I think what your doing is commendable.My father suffers really badly and  skincap is the one that works really well. 

From Stu -- 10/5:

love your web page and I am a big skin-cap supporter.  Just to let you  know, I ordered six cans of skin-cap from Unique Image through their web site  and just recieved it (it took about ten days and was $37.95 per can).  The  company is a little suspicious I guess since it was mailed in an empty carton  of fax paper from  Mail Boxes Etc, but who cares I was able to get it.  Also   I ordered six cans from Herbs the Natural Alternatives Center, but have not  received it yet.  Thanks to your web site I was able to get more skin-cap.   Keep up the good work. 

From Shawn Sampson -- 10/4:

My story is no different than any other posted on this page.  After  years of expensive presciptions that offer very little relief  and a liver that has been permenatly damaged from methotrexate,  I  finally found somthing that works  SKIN-CAP. 

I can now even take my shirt off in public, somthing I havn't been able  to do for over 10 years, now I am having a huge flare up, I have no more  'stuff', and I feel like my new found world is collapsing.  Please put  me on your mailing list, I want to know as soon as these beaucrats get  their head out of their ass. 

From Martha Brinsko -- 10/3:

I, too, have used every product under the sun without decent results until Skin Cap.   I don't care what's in it!!  I am now using colbetasol ointment with only fair control of my psoriasis 

From Oded Degani -- 10/3/97:

I'm also disgusted, like the rest of  the psoriasis sufferers community, with the actions of the FDA and  NPA(with the latest, I've severed relationship long time ago. With the  FDA--well, I have no chioce.  Please, let me know if there is anything I can help with. I have  suffered from Psoriasis for 43 years now, and NOTHING was as effective  as Skin Cap. 

From John Robinson Jr. -- 10/2/97:

I have been through the same thing that you all have.  I was doing the UVB  treatments and the light pills that they were having me take made me sick.  Having to drive 40 minutes away from my home really sucks.  I was very  greatful to find SC.  It has been the only thing that has worked for me and  I just found out today what has been going on.  I normally purchase 3-4  cans and I just ran out.  It also seems that the distributors who are still  willing to sell are captilizing on this controversy buy raising the price.  We do what we must.  Please let me know what I can do to help.   

From Felice Farber -- 9/30/97 5:00 PM:

After suffering from psoriasis for 30 years, I finally  found Skin-Cap. I bought one can and it worked like a charm. Now, the  supply has dried up. I'm dreading the day the flaking comes back.   

From Darrell -- 9/30/97 8:02 PM:

Please let us know as soon as possible where we can get more skincap.  As a fellow sufferer who has finally found a treatment that works, the news that now we can't get it is devastating.  In addition to psoriasis, I have a condition called psoriatic arthritis, whereby when the skin lesions get bad it affects the joints causing excruciating pain.  In turn this limits my ability to support my family and affects joint mobility.  I am going to do what I can on my end to let the FDA know that they need to make sure this product is kept available to people who suffer from psoriasis and related skin disorders.  Concerning the relief in pain to coincide with skincap, the lessoning of pain has to do with the lack of scaling. With skincap there is no scaling as of the second day, thereby   relieving the aggravation of the tightening of the skin by the scales. Since the Psoriasis Foundation is located in Portland, Oregon, are they aware that this product works as well as it does, and are they doing anything to avert or speed-up the FDA action?   

From Kevin May -- 9/30/97 2:01 PM:

My father and I were both regular Skin Cap users and were very happy with  the product.  As all the other respondents have said, it worked for me and  there were no noticeable side effects.  My dad tried DermaZinc but it  didn't work for him. 

From Thomas McHugh -- 9/30/97 11:08 AM:

I have had psoriasis for over 10 years.  It seems to get progressively  worse every year.  I also have psoriatic arthritis, and have been told  by my Rhematologist that I can control my arthritis by controlling my  psoriasis. 

Skin Cap is the only product that has ever controlled my psoriasis!  I  never saw any bad side affects.  I usually do not have allegiance to  brand names, but I want my SKIN-CAP.   

From Veronica Fullard -- 9/29/97 6:26 PM:

I have had psoriasis for about 5 years now, since I was 18 years old.  In  that time, I've had two different dermatologists, and used many different  types of medicines, including Temovate, Dovonex, and Micanol.  I took cod  liver oil pills.  I tried tanning up to four times a week.  Nothing  worked.  Then, about six months ago, my grandmother saw an advertisement  for Skin Cap, and had it sent to me.  Within a week, my skin was 75%  clearer than I can remember it being since the disease first developed.  Now, I have only the smallest dots of psoriasis that appear on my arms and  stomach and back, usually in areas where I used to have large patches.  And htese spots clear up with minimal treatment from Skin Cap.  I have had no negative side effects from this treatment.  (Others, such as  Micanol, left my skin severely irritated -- I couldn't wear a pair of  jeans without a soft tee shirt tucked into it...I had many, many spots on  my stomach, and the denim cafed anyplace that the Micanol touched until I  was in great pain.)   

From Chad Dominie -- 9/29/97 8:17 PM:

Another success story with skincap spray.  My sister, neice, myself, &  their friends have had the same excellent results as described by other  users. There must be something we can do to get Health Canada & FDA to  resolve this issue and put us all back onto the right track again.  Also,  once this occurs (positive thinker) we need to be able to spread the word  through the media to other psoriasis sufferers who may not belong to  associations or have access to the net. Please add my name to your list of  users & keep me posted.  Why don't we unite somehow and use the media to  bring about change?   

From Ed Bennett -- 9/29/97 8:55 AM:

Skin cap worked for me.  I am clear for the first time in 22 years.  You   can quote me anywhere...  I want it back on the market. 

From Steven Leonori -- 9/28/97 11:10 PM:

 I have been using Skin-Cap for one year now.  I am 21 years old and I have   had psoriasis since I was 6.  I have used several treatments such as tar,  ultravate, and temovate.  These products worked to clear up my psoriasis,  but it always would reappearing days.  With temovate, my skin would become  very thin and tender.  After using it for a few months, it would lose its  effect.    When Skin-Cap was suggested to me by a relative, I thought it would be  another hopeless attempt to clear up my psoriasis.  He told me that he had  been using it for a month, and it had completely cleared up his skin.  So I  ordered two cans of the spray and immediately began treatment.    It was easy to apply without any mess.  Within days of treatment, I  noticed the most significant change I had ever seen in the condition of my  psoriasis.  After approximately three weeks of treatment, my psoriasis was  completely gone.  This was the first time since I was 6 years old that my  skin was free from this nuisance.  Now I only have to use the spray  occasionally to keep my condition in check.    When my skin doctor told me it was recalled because it had, as he simply  called it, temovate in it, I was shocked.  I told him I had never  experienced any of the side effects I had with temovate and that it had  worked better than temovate ever had.  When he told me I should stop using  it immediately, I told him I wouldn't as long as I still had some left.  I  immediately purchased the remaining Skin-Cap in my local drugstore, and I am  just hoping it will last me until this ridiculous problem is resolved.    This is an obvious attempt by Glaxo to get a far superior competitor off  of the market.  I hope all the test results are in favor of Skin-Cap.  For   the sake of me and all the other psoriasis sufferers in the U.S., GIVE US  BACK OUR SKIN-CAP. 

From D.P. Ray -- 9/26/97 2:48 PM:

I believe that the least government is the best government.  I also hope that existing government agencies that are established to HELP & PROTECT the people of our nation are not as corrupt and careless as their action make them appear to be. 

Skin Cap Products cleared my psoriasis after years of suffering and thousands of dollars spent on dermatologists and nasty medications.  When I first tried Skin Cap I purchased it from a local Walgreens Pharmacy at less than half the price Internet and mail order distributors were charging, before or after the FDA ban.....Did anyone else know how your were being overcharged?  Walgreens charged $12.99 for skin cap cream !!! (the other guys are more than twice the price) 

When it comes to helping people it is obvious that most are more interested in helping themselves. 

Let's get nasty with the FDA, Glaxo and anyone else that is more interested in the $$ than in people. 

If anyone has a suggestion of how to get closer to the individuals that control our lives so irresponsibly, I want to know and help get to them. 

I will be happy to offer free space on my commercial web site to fighting this Skin Cap ban. 

I write my letters weekly or more often when possible to all agencies concerned.   I hope that all of you out there are doing the same. 

Keep up the fight...make them do what the people want,  isn't that what our GOVERNMENT is suppose to do?   

From Nancy Marsillo -- 9/25/97 3:40 AM:

my husband suffers from severe eczema.  he's tried it  all-steroid creams, prednisone, light treatments, vitamin cocktails,  chinese herbs and on and on.  along comes the miracle skin cap-it has  changed our lives.  then the FDA announcement.  luckily our derm feels  there is a glaxo scandal going on as well as has urged him to continue  usage.  but we are very afraid it will be banned in the near future.  feel free to quote any of this or if you need people to rally around the  cause just let me know.  in fact, i have begun to draft a letter to send  to prime time live, 20-20, and dateline nbc about this whole eczema  experience and the skin cap controversy. 

From Tom Gotich -- 9/25/97 5:24 PM:

I've been suffering from psoriasis for over ten years now, and had never  found any treatment that has performed as well as Skin Cap.  In fact,  when my dermatologist first urged me to try it(Feb. 97), I was beyond  being skeptical. I gave in; tried it, and was shocked. My psoriasis is  very stubborn and I have at times had over 60% coverage. The response to  Skin Cap was immediate. Moreover, within a week of use, the large  patches that I've been dealing with for many years were almost gone.  Since last winter, I've been psoriasis free. It's been great! 

Well, yesterday I tried to order more Skin Cap and was shocked that I  could not.  My psoriasis is making a come back, and will be full-bore before my  scheduled visit with my dermatologist on OCT. 1st.  My opinion is that  this treatment should be available no matter what or who is behind it.  If Temovate is found to be in Skin Cap; it will not matter to me.  I do  believe that if this is the case, there should be some action against  Cheminova, but at the same time we should be able to have access to the  treatment that works. 

I did try one of the clones; it did not work at all; they seem to work  no better than water. 

In closing, I hope that the FDA is over-reacting and that someone will  re-market the Skin Cap product soon.   

From Raymond Allen -- 9/24/97 3:58 AM:

Skin-Cap has also been banned in Canada due to the FDA decision. I,like  you have run the mill of controlling agents with little or no luck,  until Skin-Cap. I spent 3 years on methotexate, what has this done to my  liver? Only an autopsy will tell. It is very unfair that any political  group can make such a devastating decision in the blink of an eye  without considering the ramifacations for the people "IN NEED OF  SKIN-CAP". I have tried everything I can here in Canada including  writing letters and making phone calls to politicians, but to no avail.  They all state that until the FDA clears Skin-Cap or makes some sort of  a decision we also will be deprived of this wonderful product. 

From -- 9/21/97 10:07 PM:

Thank you so much for your interest in the wellfare of others.  I would like to find skincap A.S.A.P. If I waite too long, it gets very bad.  I have used skincap for over a year with no side effects at all. The politics  of skincap will hurt many people.I should be offored a choise. Perhaps we  should have a national hunger strike until they give in to our needs. 

From Andrew Childs -- 9/21/97 9:46 AM:

33 YEARS of constant PAIN, ITCHING, DEPRESSION and SELF PERSECUTION.    I can now imagine a life with out them :):))) I have experienced a life  without them since March 1997. That is when I began using Ski-Cap. 

Not to bore anyone with details of past treatments and special diets, I  will just say I have tried all the Last Resort drugs and procedures with  minimal, temporary relief.ALL TREATMENTS HAVE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS. 

I am the one who has always had to make the final decission on the  course of action of what to treat my (our) devastating condition with. 

At 7 years of age, at 10,13,18 and into adulthood, I have made to make  the hard choices that would change my destiny year after year. TO SAY  THE LEAST, I am very skilled at accessing what may or may not be in my  best medical interest. I KNOW HOW to strike a balance between risk and  quality of life. I have been chasing  my full potential as human being  and the elusive cure for psoriais since childhood. 

While it is obvious that Skin-Cap is not a cure, it is obvious that with  it's positve effect on the symptoms of my psoriasis , for however long  it works for me, I will be a more productive citizen on earth. 

My mental capacity, mental endurance and clarity since being lession  free has allowed me to accomplish more toward a higher quality of life  for my children and wife in the last six months, than in the previous  three years combined. 

I have no doubt that whatever is in Skin-Cap, it will have side effects. 

There are no panaceas in life. 

I pray for a cure of all diseases. 

Add me to the list!!!  I don't care whats in it!!!!!! Give me more more more more more more   

From Tom McCarthy -- 9/21/97 9:46 AM:

I have been afflicted with psoriasis for over 35 years. During that time I  have tried countless types of messy creams and lotions with no visible  results except the stains and odors that accompany these products. Dovenex  offered some improvement and relief but it wasn't until I tried Skin-Cap in  May of this year that any real results were visible. During a six week period  of time I went form having massive semi-open sores all over my arms and legs  to being able to actually go swimming in a public pool and publically sun  bathing. 

I hate to think of going back to those painful sores. 

From Michael Keller -- 9/19/97 7:13 PM:

Despite what some people think, you are performing an invaluable service  by running your web site. I cannot understand why the expression of a  viewpoint is so threatening to some people. Please don't let these  "small thinkers" intimidate you; you are correct and there is no  possible argument that can justify their attempts to censor you. The  free exchange of ideas is fundamental to the very concept of the  Internet. 

Please add my name to your list of those who are looking for skin-cap. I  do not have psoriasis. My beautiful wife has been fighting it for many  years. Each year it gets worse. When we found skin-cap about 3 months  ago, it was for her a miracle. At the end of the first month, she wore a  short skirt to church for the first time in years. 

When the FDA ban was announced, Cindy burst into tears. As her small  supply slowly ran out, I watched as she went from the happiest in my  memory to profound depression, and I am frightened for her. This whole  thing is so unfair to her, and to you. 

Please keep up the good work that you are doing.   

From Alex Kremenetsky -- 9/20/97 9:56 PM:

I've been suffering from psoriasis for about 6 years and tried many  treatments including tar medications and PUVA. Skin-Cap was the only one  that virtually eliminated such symptoms as itching and flaking although it  did not restore normal skin. The skin probably has already been damaged by  using such things as Temovate. 

I've been using Skin-Cap for 9 month without any side effects and actually  used it aggressively only for a month. After that I needed less than one  can a month to control the symptoms. Skin-Cap had the same great effect on  my father who's been suffering from this decease for 20 years. 

I agree with everything that you wrote on your home page and I hope that  this issue will be resolved soon. Meanwhile I ordered two cans of  Hydra-Skin spray from Exor Medical Laboratories. Instead of that they've  sent me DermaZinc which has the same active ingredient. I am not sure if it  is the same product under the different name or they simply cheated me. But  I have no choice. I've read on the user group that DermaZinc is much less  effective than Skin-Cap. 

So I started treatment today and I can keep you posted on how does it work  for me.  Please put me on your list of people who is seeking Skin-Cap. And thank you   for your great job of trying to save it.   

From David Bryan -- 9/18/97 5:25 PM:

I have psoriasis for over twenty years. I went through the usual routine  PUVA temovate,etc. The PUVA cleared 90%,but only temporarily.I started  using Skin-Cap june 1996,it started clearing right away. I used about a  can amonth for maintenance treatments.This past year has been the  greatest wearing shorts on vacation,swimming,not leaving flakes on  everyones furniture.I have had no ill-effects and would continue to use  it if it was available.I stopped using it with the first notice from the  NPF about steroids. I still have a few cans, but figured I had to stop  sooner or later saving these cans when the P comes back.I stopped cold  so far have not had any problems other than psoriasis is slowly coming  as expected. I am not supporting the NPF this year,I feel there is too  people having good results to ban this product.I do not believe we will  see this product on the market in any form, companies like Glaxo have  too much invested in their own products.Smaller companies wont take them  on. 

From Darren Merrill -- 9/18/97 7:06 AM:

My history/testimonial on the use of "Skin Cap" is as follows: 

Trial amount (about 3 days worth) from dermatologist.  LOCATION: large  patch on left abdomen/left thigh.  RESULTS: response within one week after  stopping use; plaques stayed away for over one month, some very small  plaques redeveloped in the previously heavier locations. 

1st can (used 2X/day for 1 week, 1-1 1/2 months later) from dermatologist.  LOCATION(s): both legs/knees, abdomen, elbows. RESULTS: within 1 week after  emptying the can; scaly plaques gone!!!!! pink/reddish areas in place of  scaly plaques!!! could touch soft skin once again. After about 1 month or  more plaque free, some small pea size plagues resurfaced. 

2nd can (used 1X/day for 2 weeks, 1-1 1/2 months later)  LOCATION(s):  thighs, knees (less), abdomen, elbows, upper/lower arms. RESULTS: within 1  week of use small areas gone. Pink/red areas clearing.   After about 1  month smaller ones reappearing in different areas. 

I wish I had used a camera and calendar to document this! It was  unbelievable.  If I hadn't of had over 22 years of moderate to severe  psoriasis.  I wouldn't have believed it.  This was the first thing to "take   it away".  All the other creams, ointments, didn't respond like this did.  The response was rapid, the plaques disappeared.  I can wear short sleeved  shirts without people looking at my elbows.  They look at me! 

Well, it's been over 2 months maybe 3 since I last used the skincap, I have  one patch 6-10 mm on my abdomen, and a 10 to 20 mm patch on my left leg.  My elbows and forearms are still clear! 

When I read the information and saw Temovate on the list, I was surprised  because when I used it, my placque showed very little if any response.    Please keep me posted on the controversy. 

"All substances are poisons: there is none which is not a poison. The  right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy." Paracelsus, 1493-1541;   quoted from Casarett and Doull's Toxicology the basic science  of poisons, 4th edition. 

in other words, "Everything is a poison and everything is an antidote, it  just depends upon the dose." 

From Frank -- 9/17/97 12:34 PM:

Congratulations on your efforts - I, for one, am very grateful and  happy to lend my voice.   Your recitation of onerous, expensive and dangerous treatments already  suffered to no lasting result or to no result, period, as set forth at the  beginning of you web page precisely describes my experience, only excepting  the direct injections.   For about eight years both of my hand palms have been a painful mess.  The   area also spread to my wrists and the sides of my hands (as well as to my  'plumber's crack!).  My only relief came in the form of three or four  mysterious complete remissions lasting perhaps two-three weeks.   One period came after an ahti-fungal treatment given in response to a  positive culture.  Others while hospitalized with serious leg fractures.   Several weeks ago, almost as an afterthought and after I had said  disconsolately that I didn't see any point in continuing to try creme after  creme, my dermatologist at Johns Hopokins Hospital gave me the skincap  number and specifically recommended the spray.   I tried it.  The results were textbook.  My tailbone is completely clear   as are my wrists and the palms are almost normal.   But in spite of the fact that for ten days I have treated only my palms,  I'm within two days of being out of my one can of spray and most worried  that I'm in trouble again.   My order has gone unfilled because of some intractable bureaucrat being  manipulated by the money people.   It's not fair.  Please continue to work for some way to legitimize  procurement of skincap if only as a granted exception while the tortuous  (and I'm sure usually necessary) approval process is gone through.   

From -- 9/16/97 1:41 PM:

I, like the dozens of others who have submitted testimonials, have  run through other products: coal tar mixtures, Miconal (some relief  but not much clearing), Dovonex (nothing), Lidex (initially good  results but rebound after stopping), PUVA (slow and expensive, but  good results; still some stubborn patches), and Temovate (relief but  not a lot of clearing). All of the above require anywhere from an  hour a day to three hours a day to apply, or to travel and tan.  Until Skin Cap. My dermatologist recommended it because of the  stubborn patches on my elbows and legs, which the PUVA treatments  weren't helping. PUVA helped the rest of my skin, but not all of it.  The only side effect I had from the spray was some itching on  surrounding skin if I wasn't careful where I sprayed and didn't use  the special nozzle.  I have one can left and only use it on a couple of spots which  occasionally flare up; the best combination I've found is PUVA  (complete with Psoralens Ultra pills) once a week to maintain  clearing, coupled with Skin Cap when I see a spot start to develop.  I'm 36 years old and can wear shorts and a bathing suit for the first  time in 8 years! Flushed with new-found confidence I'm taking a water  aerobics class -- something I've wanted to do for years but couldn't  because of the inhibiting effects of psoraisis. Skin Cap has  absolutely changed my life. I find it unconscionale that a treatment  which works is pulled from the market because of stepping on Glaxo's  toes. It's in direct competition to Temovate, it works better, it's  cheaper (unless your health plan covers prescriptions), it WAS easily  available, and it doesn't make the user give up a significant portion  of your day to apply it. I don't much care if it's available only by  prescription...just MAKE IT AVAILABLE. Anybody know of any sources?  I'm about to try the Caribbean and/or Spain. 

From Don Tidwell -- 9/16/97 5:27 AM:

Please let me know if there are any Pharmacys in old mexico that handle  skin cap. This has been dark turn for my life. The steroid side effects  cant hold a candle to side effects of psoriasis. Thank you 

From Tim Renninger -- 9/15/97 7:01 PM:


From Johanna -- 9/14/97 3:59 PM:

I, like everyone else who has responded, was shocked when I found out  Skin-cap was taken off the market.  There is definitely more going on  than the public is hearing about and it is MONEY.  Someone stands to  make alot of it and I'm sure it will be reintroduced by a pharmaceutical  company for a higher price than what we have been paying.  But at least  our insurance will probably cover it.  I am concerned that it may take  years to get it approved. It could take a long time to do the clinical  trials and the FDA could drag their feet as well since this is not life  threatening condition. 

Considering how dangerous other treatments for psoriasis are  (methotrexate, etc), the outcome of this whole situation,  should it take a long time, only demonstrates the enormous flaw in our  nation's health care system. 

This whole thing has made me realize that there may be many cures out  there that we may never hear about simply because there isn't  pharmaceutical money involved. Very little research goes on with orphan  drugs and the established medical community relies heavily on the  pharmaceutical companies to fund the clinical studies that they put all  their faith in. Since HMOs are so interested in making money by saving  on medical expenses, perhaps it's time they get involved in funding some  of this research instead of padding their own pockets. 

I have stocked up on the stuff, yet how does one predict how much they  will need, when we have no idea how long it will take to resolve this  situation?????   

From Amy Perkins -- 9/14/97 11:07 AM:

Please e-mail me with any info on how I can help get Skin-cap back in the  U.S.  I love the way Skin-cap works and miss it very much!  I have psoriasis on my  face and scalp and it cleared it up 100% while I was using it.  I only needed  to use it once or twice a week to keep it under control.  Now it is coming  back and I would really love to have a little blue can of Skin-cap.  I wish I  had stocked up on it, but I had no idea it would be taken off the market.  Please let me know if you hear of anyone selling it or when it will be available again.  Thanks!  

From Tony Tedeschi -- 9/13/97 5:39 AM:

I, too, have had great success with Skin-Cap. I am even considering a  trip to Mexico or Amsterdam (costs about the same) to bring back as much  as possible. My question is: How much can I bring back for personal use?  I've been through all the treatments (and some I'll bet you've never  heard of). This product works. Please, FDA, get this product on the  market. If it is by prescription, then that is fine. Just get it out  there in safe doses in a reasonable amount of time.  This would make a great media story. It affects so many people and I am  certain that there are plenty that don't even know about S-C. 

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