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Save Skin Cap

All the information regarding the SKIN CAP controversy

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From: BernieG11 <>  12/14/97

skincap has been the only... and i mean only... thing that cleared my psoraisis...which i have suffered with for forty years...the easiest way to  control psoraisis that i have ever forty years ... is skin  cap...there is finally a solution for psoraisis sufferers and it has been  taken from us...we need to mount a campaign...send faxes to the fda...send email to the calls to the fda...bother them to the is worth it...let them know how many people suffer...glaxo took pages in the newspapers to sell their stuff...which cannot hold a candle to skincap...they have to get their costs back before we get skin cap...the way of the world ...unless we change it...we need fax#s ...e-mail addresses...and phone #s to get our point accross...load up their communications and get the publicity we  need to get action...i'm tired of suffering... 

From:  12/13/97

Hi, I'm writing for my sister who lives in Ft. Lauderdale.  She is about  85% covered with psoriasis.  I found skin-cap for her on the net and she  is living proof that it is the ONLY thing that works for her.  She was  totally cleared of her psoriasis.  Little did we know that they would  pull it of the market!  Now it's been about 2 months since she used it  and her psoriasis is returning.  I feel so bad for her, living in  Florida and she hates to wear shorts or a bathing suit!  If there is  anyone who knows how we can get some more of the Skin=cap we would be  very grateful!  I'd like to surprise her and find some for her Xmas  present!     

From: Joe Carr <>  12/11/97

I would like to share with you my success with the Skin Cap spray and shampoo  products.  Skin Cap is the only product out there that has worked in getting  rid of my psoriasis which affects my back, elbows, stomach, legs, calves, and  scalp.  I have had psoriasis for seven years and have tried every steroidal  ointment known to the medical industry from Temovate all the way to Ultravate,  the strongest of them all!!!  I have tried coal tar applications, and UV light  treatments with absolutely no success. 

I found out about Skin Cap after seeing a classified ad in Investors Business  Daily about 1 year ago and ordered the product from The Vilana Company.  Skin  Cap began showing its effectiveness after three weeks when my lesions began  decreasing in size and severity.  I then ordered multiple cans of Skin Cap to  complete the treatment.  After about 3 months, I was completely free of  psoriasis. 

Well, I just recently had an outbreak of psoriasis due to job stress and too  much drinking of alcoholic beverages and tried to order Skin Cap from the  Vilana Company, only to be told from a voice recording that it is not  currently available for sale because of a silly dispute between Cheminova and  the NPF. 

I tried that other product with Zinc Pyrithione, DermaZinc, and it failed  miserably because it made my psoriasis worse and caused more redness and  itching because I think the manufacturer uses more alcohol as a filler to sell  it cheaper (by $10) compared to Skin Cap.  Believe me, there is absolutely no  substitute for Skin Cap and I am willing to write to whomever to get this  dispute resolved because I know that I am not alone in experiencing success in  using Skin Cap. 

I know what Glaxo is doing to Cheminova: It is the classic David and Goliath  story.  Glaxo is fearful of losing market share for their expensive ointments  that are absolutely ineffective and a waste of money.  Therefore, they are  using their financial muscle to influence the NPF ( a sorry organization in my  opinion and should be disbanded anyway) in running erroneous tests to ruin the  reputation of Skin Cap. 

Tell us what else we can do because if I cannot get my Skin Cap, I will travel  across the border to buy it!!! 

From: Stewart <>  12/7/97

It worked for me better than any treatment I have used in thirty-eight years  of battling psoriasis.  I bought one can of the spray from Nova and was  clear long before it was gone.  When I had an outbreak about a year later,  I ordered another can and again was clear before the can was empty.  I  certainly believe that any risk associated with this product is less than  that involved with other traditional treatments.  UVB has the potential of  causing skin cancer.  Methotrexate can destroy your liver, cause birth  defects, etc.  And the steroid creams and ointments have only been limited  in their effectiveness for me.  I hope that Skin Cap is cleared and  available again soon.   

From: "Vic and Mel Sternby" <>  12/7/97

I have been using skin cap for about 1 1/2 years.  It is the only thing  that has come even close to helping my problem.  I went for about 1 decade  not being able to go without a shirt or wear shorts without ridiculously  high socks.  I was an old dork before my time.  Since skin cap I have been   able to return to the swimming team.  Something that I enjoy while  improving my health.  The only other side effects I have noticed is that I  don't have to try and change my clothes at work so fast that my coworkers  don't notice.  I fully support efforts to return skin cap and would like  information on how to assist in this effort.  Thank you for your past help in orders I have received and your continuing  efforts.   

From: Mike James <>  12/4/97

Open Letter to the NPF: 

For years, the only product I have used that has successfully  treated my scalp psoriasis was Skin Cap.  It was quick, clean,  easy to use, rather inexpensive, and had no apparent side  effects.  It was a dream come true. 

Through what appears to be a highly political motive, or at  least one that was financially based, the product was taken  from the market. 

I did receive your information about the removal, but it is  my opinion that you have done little to try to help bring a  product like this back on the market.  I do not absolve  Cheminova--they should have been up-front with their product.  But my argument is now with you. 

For example, your most recent multi-page newsletter did not  contain one article about progress in bringing this product  back on the market. 

I am sure that I'm not the only one who, perhaps wrongly,  see your inaction and failure to report as a failure for  an organization that should be pleading for the re-introduction  of this product.  What are you doing?  We're looking from strong  leadership and direction from an organization which should  be helping, not hurting us. 

I'm disappointed in you.  And from the sample of letters I have  seen at one private web site (take a look at there are many  more like me. 

From:   12/3/97

I too am a psoriasis sufferer and truley was heart broken when they took it  of the market. Skin cap was the only thing that worked,for the first time  in 13 years I was free from psorasis. I felt like a real person again. I  can't believe people (FDA,Glaxco,ect.)would care more about money then  people, but I guess I need to wake up. I don't care what is in it, I just  want it back. I have no side effects, unlike I did with temovate and all  the other medication the Doctors have prescribed over the years. I have  health skin, not skin so thin you could count every vain I had. I just want  Skin cap back.From: Rob Dirne <>  12/3/97  It is now official. The 'new' skincap works on psoriasas just as well as  mineral water. I had half of an old bottle left and got a new one with the  adjusted formula in The Netherlands. One elbow I treated with the old and  one with the new. One arm has got the patches back, guess which one... 

This seems to indicate that the old formula had some potent thing in it that  obviously has been removed (steroids?)  Frankly I don't care if there are steroids in the old Skin Cap, it worked  very well and for the first time in my life I was psoriasis free for a  prolonged time.   

From: "jaco" <>  11/30/97


From:   11/29/97

I'm writing for my father, who has had psoriasis for years and has tried  everything. The only thing that worked well was skin cap.  He has tried  supposedly similar products (spray) with no results.  Let me know if you find  a distributor that will sell skin cap.  Thank you. 

From: Barbara <>  11/29/97

I used skin cap for about three months.  It worked considerably better  than anything else that my dermotologist prescribed.  It restored a  sense of self-confidence I had lost. And to date (it's been about three  months since I stopped using it), I have had no known adverse reactions. 

It's not surprising to me that American corporate interests are being  placed above the interest of human beings. I suspected such a scenario  the minute I heard that skin-cap was recalled.  This is nothing new in  the annals of American corporate greed. 

If skin-cap is unsafe, then by all means let's find out quickly and keep  the product off the shelves.  If it's safe, let us use it as quickly as  possible.  To do otherwise is an outrage. If Temovate can be used under  a doctor's care, why can't skin-cap? 

Finally, when I ran to my dermotologist at the NPF's suggestion, she  didn't know what I was talking about.  She had never even heard about  skin-cap.  She asked me to provide her with information.   

From: "Marsha " <>  11/28/97

My father and I are both sufferers of psoriasis...and believers in  Skin-Cap.   We second what has previously been said and join all of you in   the fight to save it!   

From: Rob Dirne <>  11/27/97

Just to let you know that Skin Cap is freely available in The Netherlands  since Skin Cap adjusted the formula to make the authorities over here happy. 

The downside is that it probably doesn't work anymore...  I may be just me and I have only used the new bottle for a week, but the  effect is definitely a LOT less. 

Will keep you posted on my findings.   

From: (Mary Haralson Bowers)  11/25/97

It is the only thing that works and I will do anything to get some more,  now matter how much it costs. I will be happy to add my voice to the  1,ooo of others who also need it.. Thank you Mary Haralson 

From: Becky <>  11/24/97

After suffering from embarrassing flaking and itching of the scalp for  several years, and using everything I could find to try to control my  problem,  I was delighted when my THIRD dermatologist finally gave me  something that actually worked.  After my second shampooing, I could tell a  remarkable difference in both the flaking and itching.  I did not even mind   that  skin cap shampoo cost much more than a bottle that size of ANYTHING   should cost, it worked, and my hair was even soft and managable.  I am so  disappointed that I cannot keep a supply on hand to keep my condition under  control as needed.  How long will it take the FDA to test SKIN CAP, and in  the meantime what is out there that I can use that will help?  Becky.   

From: (Bradley Laverty)  11/23/97

     My name is Brad and I used Skin-cap for about 2 years with no side  effects that I am aware of at all.  I do have a few cans left, so I  can't sell any of it but I did want to let you know that I am willing to  join the fight to get Skin-cap back.  I almost considered buying a  considerable amount and starting a distributorship, if possible. 

    I am 29 and have had Psoriasis for quite some time and it now covers   70-80% of my body during the winter.   Skin-cap was the only treatment  that worked. 

     If there is anyway that I can be of assistance please e-mail me and  let me know!   

From: carl chaimovitz <>  11/23/97

        I  have psoriasis and have been using skin cap.  I have tried  numerous other creams and treatments and nothing else seem to work as  well as this.  I also have told many people about skin cap and it has  helped them as well.  I am willing to do anything in order to promote  skin cap and get it back on the market.  I only have a few cans left and  i do not wish to suffer the symptoms of psoriasis again.  Please let me  know where I can obtain skin cap?   

From: Giuseppe Corapi <>  11/20/97

I've had Psoriasis for 10 years and have tried some creams  but when I used Skin Cap(spray) it practically "cured" me.  Two to three months ago I find out about it being pulled  from drug stores because of a possible steroid present, and  I'm thining "yeah... so?!, IT WORKS!!!"  It figures, I finally find something that really works and  someone else takes it away, surely there are others  that feel the same way. Oh, and by the way, I used it for  over 8 months and had no side effects I can remember. Now,  my Psoriasis which used to be there is coming back and as  far as I can tell the removal of Skin Cap from the stores  has hurt me more than it has helped!   

From:  11/20/97

I used skincap on my forehead for about 2 weeks.  It cleared up my condition   beautifully.  The trouble started about 2 weeks after I stopped.  My skin  began developping leisons that I neverhad before.  My derm doc said it was  steroid rebound and has been treating me for such with excellant results. No  steroids in skincap?  Ha!!!!!!! 

From: "Mark S. Fica" <>  11/19/97

Yes, I'm another psoriasis sufferer who has used Skin-Cap with fantastic  results.  Please add my name to your list of what I hope is a large number  of users who are thoroughly PISSED OFF that the FDA, in collusion with the  NPF and Glaxo-Wellcome, has caused so many people to be deprived of leading  a normal life because Glaxo wants to continue to sell their extremely  dangerous product to us! 

From: "CECIL D. EVANS" <> 11/19/97


From:  11/18/97

Bravo!!! I too am a skin-cap success story, though I suffer not nearly as  much as others judging from their letters (God Bless them all).  Perhaps,  if we can all get together, hire a chemist that is also afflicted, we can  make this stuff ourselves and sell it AT COST (non-profit) to everyone who  needs it.  Don't say it can't be done... 

Also, can you automatically forward each of these letters to Bill Clinton  (he actually answered and email of mine) describing what over-educated  shitheads (to quote F. Zappa) are running the FDA and how GLAXO must be  totally in bed with those beaurocrats to get SC off of the market without  so much as a day in court.  Anyway, has anyone explained why Temovate (CP)  works for almost no one, but magically works in skin-cap?  Aren't they  (GLAXO) really saying that they want a cut of the profits and fuck the  people who need a solution? 

I say boycott GLAXO;  I will for as long as I live on this earth. 

I also say fuck the FDA;  these idiots haven'd done anything for Psoriasis  sufferers or anyone for that matter; these are the same people who think  that there are "acceptable levels" of pesticides, poisons and rodent hair  that people can ingest, but who have nothing to say about consumption of  meat and dairy products, which are directly responsible for human diseases  of many varieties. 

I have so much to say... 

   Are there newsgroups on the topic? 

   It looks to me as though the NSF is a owned by the  pharmaceutical     companies.  Anyone have any goods on these  profiteers?  Pictures? 

   Can we get in contact with some of the people in  Spain who know how to mix this stuff and what's really in it and set up a  distribution system of THE INGREDIENTS?  Getting them is probably perfectly  legal.  And then we post the directions for making the stuff. 

If your'e of the more traditional sort you can send email to Bill Clinton at   Maybe we'll  get lucky and his daughter has psoriasis too.   

From:  11/15/97

I just have to say that after months of research trying to find an  alternative treatment for my eczema ( not cortisone ) I found skin cap and  within a few days the rash was gone from virtually my entire body.  In  combination with a strict diet and vitamin supplements I have maintained my  health with the infrequent use of skin cap.  If i have a few drinks or to  much carbohydrates or sugar my skin may get irritated.  I would use skin cap  once or twice right away and avoid any further irritation. Even a shower is  enough to trigger it or pollutants in the air.  Am I supposed to go back to  my idiot dermatologist so he can tell me that my eczema has nothing to do  with allergies and I should be on prescription cortisone?  Isn't that the  steroid ? the immune suppressing candiadis inducing stuff that western  medicine promotes the use of?  Is that twisted or what!  This whole thing  really pisses me off.  They must think we're fools.  The FDA doesn't want  skin cap on the market because it works.  Eczema and other skin disorders is  probably a multi billion dollar business and isurance companies paying for  millions of creams and prescriptions that are a hassle and inneffective is  probably paying the millions of doctors who don't know anything about  nutrition or supplements, that are prescribing these immune suppressing  drugs.  I use skin cap in combination with my own personal regime and am in  the best of health and I'll argue with anyone that's going to try and tell me  skin cap has steroids in it and is bad for my health!!!!!! 

From:  11/15/97

My mother and sister both suffer from psoriasis.  My sister has it over  50% of her body.  I found skin-cap on the internet about a year ago and  ordered it for them both.  My sister cannot believe how well it worked  for her.  She lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla - and was able to purchased  from a small store there.  She just called me today to say that this  store suddenly closed up and she can not find skin-cap anywhere.  I  called the 800 # that I had and it has been disconnected.  Now what?  Is  there any where to purchase it.  If you know of one, please e-mail me  and let me know.  She's getting desperate!!  thanks!!   

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